Halo Board Electric Skateboard - Carbon Fiber

Best Electric Skateboard 2018
Ranked 2018 Best Electric Skateboard
Best Electric Skateboard 2018
Ranked 2018 Best Electric Skateboard

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  •   Deck Material: 100% Japanese T700 Carbon Fiber

      Motor: 3000 Watt Dual Motor Design 

      Speed: Up to 22 mph

      Range: Up to 12 Miles

      Hill Grade: Up to 25%

      Weight: 14 lbs

      Charger: UL Certified Charger Included

      Warranty: 6 Months Guaranteed

  •   Deck Length: 36 in / 91 cm

      Wheels: 83 mm Halo Street Wheels - 78a

      Wheelbase: 27 in / 68.5 cm

      Trucks: Aluminum 9.25 inch width

      Remote: Ergonomic Bluetooth Halo Remote

      Weight Limit: 286 lbs

      Charge Time: 3 hours

      Safe Battery: 7Ah Certified FireSafe LG Lithium Ion Battery

      For Ages: 10 and up

Customer Reviews

Based on 236 reviews
This board is awesome!

This board is awesome! The ride is smooth, quiet, fast, responsive, and enjoyable. I'm very happy with it.

Good times

A lot of fun

Insane board - Very powerful and extremely fun to ride.

The board is very powerful, very responsive, and looks fantastic.
Low mode and High mode, both good options to have.
The brakes are very sensitive. The battery seems to last a lot, around the 12 miles as advertised.
I wish I had put end grips to protect the ends from scratching when having the board standing.
I hope the HALO team is good with replacements because wheels always end up messed up from regular use, can't do anything about it.
I avg. 19 mph with the board and have reached the 23mph several times.
9/10 board, recommended 100%.
Not 10/10 since I wish there was an easy way to clean the whole board and wheels.

My new Halo E-Board

Awesome, better than I could have ever imagined. I have made 13 e-boards but this one surpasses my expectations. A piece of art. Rides over rocks and sidewalk curbs easily. Do not think it reached the 22 mph, I weigh 185lbs, but I know I came close. From my oppinion, I consider myself an expert in e-boards, that this is not only a beautiful board but a high performance ride. From someone who is hard to impress, 2 thumbs up. PS... longevity is the next and most important test. Hopefully it will pass with flying colors as well.

Thank you for the stellar review James!
My Halo Super Board

I received my Halo Electric Board for my Birthday present and I simply love it. It has two speeds and I graduated to the high speed in one day. I am 100% satisfied with the performance and operation of the board.

Thank you for the picture Robert! Glad you are loving your board.