Celebrities on Hoverboards

Justin Bieber

The one, the only, Justin Bieber. The singer, who seems to have single-handedly popularized hoverboads, is never too far from one, whether it be at home or his private jet.



Mr. Wub Wub himself, regardless if he's traveling by helicopter or busy blasting your eardrums, Skrillex is always rockin a hoverboard!



Matthew Bellamy

Rock stars always know how to have fun. Front man Matthew Bellamy from Muse can be seen here zooming around on a hoverboard while riffing "Plug in Baby" during a soundcheck!


Jamie Fox

Django himself, actor and proud patriot Jamie Fox was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, saluting the brave men and women of the armed forces while cruising through the studio on a hoverboard! Our hats off to you Mr. Fox and your support for America!



Kendall Jenner

Next up is the Kardashian sister who's name seems to be on everything these days, Kendall Jenner. When she's not busy modeling, she can be seen having fun around town and at home cruising around on a hoverboard!


Casey Neistat

If you've been on YouTube at all this last year, you've heard of Casey Neistat. Known for his viral videos and awesome vlog, Casey loves his rideables. Check him having fun all through New York on his hoverboard!


Usain Bolt

Even the fastest man alive, Usain Bolt, loves to ride around on hoverboards! Even after being run over by a Segway at the Olympics, Usain Bolt seems to have no hard feelings about hoverboards as he owns a few himself!



Martha Stewart

You're never too old to have fun and experience life, just ask Martha Stewart! Even a little tipsy after some champagne, she was cruising in style on Aziz Ansari's hoverboard!