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Best of best

My loyal friend , everyday everywhere any time

See ya

Got this in the winter in CO.; that didn't stop me. This is an excellent ride. 6 months and I'm riding this instead of the Harley. Think of that. Making a 57 year old SoCal boy happy!

This years toy!

I love my Halo board! Been waiting over a year to finally get my own! I can’t wait for our rainy season to be over so that I can get out on it more! I use mine on bike trails, down town, and for running short distance errands!


One of the most innovative designs on the market. Smooth ride, long battery life, and sleek look. Once I get on the board, it’s hard to get off.

Only the Best

When only the best will do, get a Halo! This thing is awesome. Got it for my 10 yr old daughter who has been wanting one for 2 years. Finally caved and bought it and it was worth every penny. Very well made and easy to ride. My son won't get off of it, now he's getting one too! Couldn't be happier with this purchase, wish I didn't make her wait so long before buying it!

Awesome Board!!

Bought for my daughter Emily for her 11th birthday. She absolutely loves it. She rides it everywhere. Great Speakers on the board as well. 👍

Great Boarding Experience

My introduction to the electric boarding started with the lift it was a fast and fun board. But I dislocated my shoulder because a bottle cap got caught in the belt. I was done until I found the Halo with it's very powerful hub motors. I ve put 300 miles on the this board and I love it. Its smooth fast and powerful. Loving it

The Halo Entrepreneur

Great product. Can't buy a mop soon enough!

Awsome board and great costumer service!!!

Thanks to you guys I really hate rain since I got my board. But I have to say it’s an awsome board all around. I love the carbon fiber look, how durable it is. The best part is how powerful those little in hub motors are. I was afraid that the board might struggle with me, because I’m 290lbs, but holly s**** I was wrong. (22mph ease. I even manage 24mph few times). Climb uphills without a problem. Of corse it slows down a little on steeper hills, but I was pleasantly surprised on the power this board has. (That should give you an idea how much power this thing packs, especially if you under 200lbs). Breaking is good. It won’t throw you out of the board. The 3000W battery is great for long rides. So far all the trips I did I never run out of battery. The only problem I had was the battery in the remote (it wasn’t holding a charge for very long and it was draining the battery even when it was off). After I emailed costumer service they send me a new one the next day, so I don’t have to miss a day without my Halo board. Kudos to them!!!!
Overall I very happy and satisfied with my purchase and I can recommend this board 100%


We bought our son a Rover X for his 10th birthday and he Loves it! He rides it everyday inside and out. This hover board is Excellent quality and well worth the money.

Kids love it but plastic chips

My kids have loved this hoverboard since the day they opened the package
They ride it all over the house
The battery life isn’t the greatest and my biggest complaint is the plastic is chipping on the sides of the board
My kids only ride the board in the house therefore it’s confusing as to why the plastic is chipping and very upsetting

Easter gift

Best Easter surprise! Took them a matter of minutes to master these. They love it!!!

Awesome hover board!

We got our 8-year-old daughter a Rover X for Christmas and 4 months later she still rides it everyday.
Now that the weather is warming up she has started riding it outside and has no issues going on our lawn even though she weighs only 60 pounds.
It is expensive but worth it.

Highly recommend!!

This is an excellent quality hoverboard!! I am confident in its performance and safety!!

Overall Amazing Board

I was skeptical about buying an electric skateboard but I took a chance with the halo board and I am so glad that I did. It looks absolutely amazing with the carbon fiber giving it a sleek look. I used the board to get to and from work and for the occasional cruise around town which makes the commute a lot more fun. I've had the board for about a month now, I have put around 30 miles on the board and it still runs as if I just took it out of the box. There is what appears to be a small air bubble around one of the rear screws on the top but as long as it doesn't get any bigger it's no problem for me. Overall I am in love with this board!

Great Board

Great board. It looks very modern and works great. Rear tires are chipping a little bit but still have plenty of rubber. I have about 120miles on it. Take it slow at first and get used to the brakes as you go up in speed since the faster you go the breaks change too.

Awesome Ride

Love, Love, Love the Halo Go 2. Awesome chrome pink color. Ride is amazing!

Best birthday gift!

My 9-year old daughter loves her Board! It is very nice quality, great purchase!

It’s amazing

My nine-year-old daughter loves it

So far as far exceeded my expectations board is awesome

So far I put about a hundred miles on it and it is if a Tesla had a baby I think it might be this new Halo 2 I got amazing!

Dancing on the Halo

My daughter danced on her Halo to New York, New York for her born and bred NY grandfather! All 4 of my kids, and their friends, love it!


The remote is hard to keep track of. The ride is smooth and quick. No other real complaints than that. Handles the salty streets In Chicago really well

My son got our 1st halo board for Christmas this year , we have since bought 3 more !

Awesome board!

Our four kids ages 9-11 absolutely love this board! It runs smoothly and beginner mode has made it very easy for the kids to stay in control. Even works awesome across grass fields. I would definitely recommend the Haloboard!