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Take It Standing Up Or Sitting Down

I'm a Senior citizen, 68, 5'11", and about 215 lbs. Was looking for a new hobby to enjoy in my retirement. So I bought the Halo Rover "Racer". What I liked about it initially is that no assembly was required. You can virtually take the hoverboard out of the box and it's ready to go! But not knowing at first how to stand on it properly and balance myself, I was immediately thrown off.

Got spooked and said to myself, maybe this just isn't for me. So I called Halo and during our conversation I said to the rep, "Would be nice if they made a seat so you could ride sitting down." Later, I was on Amazon.com searching for go karts and found a "go kart accessory for hoverboards". I got excited, thinking it may be just what I need! So for about $75 bucks, I bought one and it arrived a few days later.

The go kart accessory is called a "HoovyKart" (other brands are also available). Easy assembly. Simply bolt down the seat to the long riding bar, mount the kart on top of the hoverboard, and then wrap the two Velcro straps on the kart around each end of the Halo hoverboard near the wheels. Voila! My Halo Rover was now converted into a go kart! Took it outdoors and soon learned how to navigate it by maneuvering the handlebars, which are used to propel forward, turn right and left, slow down/stop, and go backwards (briefly). Best to operate it sensibly-- no sharp turns or other fancy stuff! Would NOT recommend for small children.

Riding the Halo as a go kart is a safer alternative for me than standing up. Rides quietly too without gas, and the solid tires need no maintenance. Charge 2-3 hours after each use. Speed seems fast enough, maybe up to 10 MPH. Works best on smooth pavement, but also rides on grass, a little slower and a bit more difficult to navigate. Have not tested on the beach, and you certainly DO NOT want to ride it on the street in traffic or across wet puddles, which could damage the electronics inside the hoverboard.

Overall, very satisfied!

Great Drone

I had a few problems with the drone when I first got it but Halo fixed the problems. It does everything I’ve tried to do with it that I’ve tried so far. I’m enjoying my purchase.

Awesome gift

I bought this as an anonymous gift for a girl who got hers stolen the first day she had it when she left it out on the porch!! She loves it.

Riding an Endless Wave!!

This board is so AWESOME!!! It is like riding an Endless Wave!!! This was a birthday gift from my wife!!! Excellent product, the purchase went perfectly. The hardest part was waiting for it to arrive lol! Fully charged and ready! As a lifelong surfer and skater this board has filled a niche in that part of my life that still gets my adrenaline pumping! As a survivor of a severe auto accident 3 years ago(now with mid back fusion and one shoulder surgeries, one more to go) I am so grateful for every day! Was able to start skating again(surfing has been more of an issue since) this Halo2 Has been such an absolute blast to ride!!!

Wow... Loving my Halo Board!

Haven't road a skate board in maybe 40 years! At the bus stop one morning and saw a kid fly by me on one and i said i'm getting that. Did my research and ran across the Halo Board. Man what a great board. This board is smooth and fast! Only been riding a little over a month and i tell you it was pretty easy to pick up where i left off 40 years ago. Thank you Halo for making such an awesome board!

PS... I got some old and young friends looking to make a purchase also!

KK Hover

Halo hover board is exactly as advertised.

Review on halo board

The halo board is the best electric board I’ve ever rode it has really big wheels for a smooth ride and can o over rocks really easily it is also really strong since it is built out of carbon fibre the only downfall is that the controller feel dinky the plastic piece fell off that moves to make the board go faster or brake but other the that pretty solid

Halo board

Fantastic board just got mine super fast controller is nice and love how it feels while riding I have been a tester of the boosted board and this has it beat I would love to become a halo tester because I am no longer a boosted board fan Halo board all the way

Best Eboard Ever!

The carbon fiber frame is sleek its solid and it's just an overall beautiful but functional board.

the board rides like a dream, right out of the box. Its acceleration unlike my previous eboard is buttery smooth. You can roll on the throttle in corners and the acceleration is so smooth that the board wont throw you or jerk you off like other eboards will.

Carving on a really good surface is also smooth and the sturdy deck and huge wheels give you the grip that you need to carve confidently but will also break traction with ease for those of you who like to slide. The dual motors have a very drift like feel to them when carving really wide carves.

The remote tells you how fast you are going and also has a flashlight that at times can be useful but really should be a little brighter.

I'm about 195lbs and this thing will rocket me up a hill while I'm carving. I've had other eboards that are even faster up hill but not as smooth.

Another pro is the fact that I've ridden through water deep enough to completely cover the wheels and I had no problems. (Note: i did not get the deck wet since that part is only water resistant). Keep in mind the wheels might be water resistant but your bearings may rust from going wet.

(Disclaimer I did add softer bushings, because the streets where I live are a little rough in some spots)

The bearings in the front wheels started wratteling within the first few days. I saw other reviews before buying it so I was fully prepared to replace them with some ceramic longboard bearings that can stand up to the sustained high temperatures that the wheels will generate. I did just that and have not had an

I've been trying to get my girlfriend into longboarding and she loves the confidence that this board gives her she is on it all the time. Unlike her regular longboard she has the ability to stop using the remote, which goes a long way when it comes to her confidence.

Having fun riding to work

I originally bought a lift board at a steal price to try out the idea of going to work on one of these things. Loved it so i looked to upgrade and grabbed a HaloBoard. The Halo is no much lighter but it's dual motors vs the liftboard single. Love the power up walk ways and the rear handle is great to drag it along once i get to my destination. I'm around 200 #'s and it moves me along just fine. I don't mind the stiffer board but I did buy more Grip tape that i still need to add to the front and rear of the board. I dinged it 1 star due to the remote button falling off after an accident with a watering hose. Now i get a sharp pain in the thumb. They really need to post an STL for us to print on a 3d printer. The board on the other hand is a tough old goat.


Ok. I am by NO means a skateboarder. Or long boarder for that matter. I’m a 305lb football player. The Halo board is rated to carry up to 286lbs. This thing launches me right up very steep hills. If you are a beginner. RESPECT the power. It is fast. No if ands or buts about that! The only issue I have with this board is that it is built for smooth surfaces alone! You feel every single little bump. Not surprised that it is the top board of 2018. Side note* I didn’t but the board for how beautiful it is but my goodness. It’s gorgeous. And people cannot get enough of it!

Awesome hover board

I bought this hover board for my son a month ago. No issues yet. It hasn’t lost its fun factor yet as he rides it every day since we got it. We live out of town so most of his riding is in the grass or on gravel. Seems to preform well in off-road conditions. Climbs hills an last a long time on a full charge. Now my younger son wants one.

Best B'Day Gift-Halo Rover X

Great product. Did not disappoint! Everything from the purchase process, to customer support helping me on my questions, package arrived as promised and best of all, the Rover X is awesome!

Halo board ❤❤❤

I totally dig the board it is definitely the coolest board I've ever owned, definitely recommend anyone who is an avid skater to get one... or even if your starting out too...

Great Gift For Husband

My husband cannot stop talking about this board. He loves everything from the speed to the breaks.

The best bday gift!

My entire family is so crazy about, not just the birthday girl.It worth paying this much money. Well built.

Best present ever

I purchased the halo 2 board for my boyfriends birthday and he loves it. He’s never been a skateboarder but kept seeing people riding electric boards around the city (we live in NYC). He got the hang of it in less than 5 min and literally rides it everyday. We had a few issues however, the charger was broken out of the box and the remote broke after two uses. Contacted the Halo support staff via email and they replaced both faulty items for us.

Awesome Halo Rover X

My sons 2nd hover board and far the best! Durable, comfortable, fast, and much more...!

Impressive all around

My 8 and 11 year old boys love em....the torque is amazing. They are tough and durable too. The 11 year old is hard on it and it is perfoming excellently!

Fun for all ages

Originally purchased the Halo hoverboard for my nephew. Obviously I had to make sure it worked before sending it to him. Well I guess my sister and brother in law also felt they needed to test it out. My 10 year old nephew was a pro after a few tries.

The best

Boy!!! Your company has made one little boy extremely happy!!! I did a LOT of homework and HALO is the absolute BEST!!!

Most fun I've had on a skateboard...ever

Bought my halo board refurbished through a third party vendor and bout the extended mfg warranty. Board arrived extremely quickly. Props there. The wheels on the halo board are not the highest quality I have ever seen. Within the first 5 miles an extremely large chunk had come out of it (-1 star) and makes it challenging to ride now. Contacted HaloBoard to make a claim for warranty on the wheel and they promptly replaced it all the while educating me on their warranty practices (+1 star) and other questions I had. Cesar Avila was the person who helped me, I give him mad props for the back and forth correspondence - he did a fantastic job. Only thing I wish that Haloboard would do is look into the possibility of making alternative wheels that are pneumatic (air filled like a bike tire), the reason being is that the current wheels take a SEVERE beating here on the sidewalk of Phoenix. Every time the board crosses those straight perpendicular cracks that are in between the slabs (for whether purposes) it puts a jolt through the board - and consequentially your body - that is the most violent thing I have ever felt and as a result find myself riding in the street with traffic (which is actually where I need to be anyways due to the law stating that no motorized device other than a wheelchair may legally use the sidewalk) and Phoenix has some of the better sidewalks in the nation due our lack of rain and trees in front yards that break up the concrete. Pneumatic wheels would solve this and in the end add years of life to the board. This is an extremely expensive investment and I would caution anyone to think about this before buying one . Other than that this board is king of all others I have tried. I would recommend it for sure. (BTW - the lights are after market, put those on so drivers will see me better)


Quality skateboard and Nacho approved!!

Do Not Buy Any Other Board This Is It!!

What can I not say about this board? First off my top speed was a lot higher Secondly that range bro This board does everything it says it does. Conquers hills with ease and that remote is everything I didn’t know I was missing I upgraded the risers nipples and bearings but simply because I know what I need in my rides. Also the regenerative braking actually does recharge the board noticeably. I live in the surrounding Boston MA area and this handles on our crappy hilly roads. I do tend to seek out newer pavements. I would recommend this board to everyone. Please always ride with a helmet. Also it is so Discrete no one will know it’s an electric board the motors are silent so you literally scare the crap out of people in bike lanes as you fly past them. HELMETS!!!

New patent hover board chair LLC

I love it music is great plenty of power!