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Best hoverboard I've had

3rd brand I've gotten and this one is definitely the best.. great sturdy board and fast customer service, I will be getting white halo rover x next

A Dance Party on Two Wheels

I gave this to my son for his birthday at a party I threw. No one had been on a board before and all wanted to try.

My grandson was an instant pro and took over. An excellent time was had by all.

I have never skateboard in my life. A co-worker one day came in with a eboard of another brand and i decide to get one also. The price is decent base on the specs compare to other brands. After a few days on it to get comfortable I decide to use it to commute to work in manhattan from the outer borough of queens. My commute is 10 miles each way including the steep climb on the 59th street bridge and it holds up pretty decent. This board does not have any sort of waterproofing at all. I rode it over a couple of small puddles and the board started to shut down on me. I had to carry it about 2 miles to work where i was able to dry off the water that go into the board and everything started to work again. I decide to apply some waterproofing myself so this don't happen again. I use butyl tape to seal both the bottom cover and the top deck cover. I also applied some waterproof tape around the bottom cover seams and screws for added security. I went over some large puddles to test it out and i never had any water intrusion issues anymore. This maybe a good idea for future models to have which wouldn't cost much. On slow mode i was able to get around 15 miles on full charge. Over all it's a really nice board and would recommend it to anyone looking to get a eboard.

We're glad you are enjoying your the experience with your new Halo Board 2.

Out standing board, very quiet and fast. The range of the battery is great, lasts me all day riding to/from and around campus (up and down hills). The board is much sleeker than competitors' and it is very durable with the carbon fiber.

We are thrilled to know you're enjoying your new Halo Board 2.
Sick board

Best electric longboard on the market. Spanks Boosted--smoother, longer battery, no belts. Gave first one to son and bought another one for me. He rides it go school every morning. Awesome to ride down Vail pass :)

We are glad you guys are both enjoying the Halo Board 2.

I got this board a little over 40 days ago and my god has it been amazing
I traveled maybe 200 miles on it so far (5miles to school and 5 miles back,) and it’s still working just like new. It’s quiet, it’s powerful, and it’s fast. Everything I need, it gets done. I’ve already saved $150 from having to pay for public transit. At this rate, this board will be paying for itself and then more because I don’t see myself ever getting tired of it. The one downside is that the tires get worn down a bit quickly, but then again, it’s probably due to the fact that I ride it around 10 miles almost 5 days a week. This is probably one of my best purchases I have made to date.

We're glad Halo Board 2 was one of your best purchases ever.
Great Time

This board has been amazing. I bought it because after researching I felt it would be the best option for the hills that I have to ride on on campus here at The University of Georgia. It has surpassed all of my expectations. I have hit 28mph multiple times and the breaks work pretty well, you just need to get used to the distance it takes to stop. I’ve had one issue with one of the motors sticking because I can’t get the bearings out, but it hasn’t been a huge issue. Overall, this has been one of the greatest purchases of my life.

We're happy to have made a product that is one of the best purchases of your life.
Real quality

It’s great. Very sturdy, solid, fast, durable. I’m glad I spent the extra money for this board, it’s well worth it! Would definitely buy from halo again!

So Much Fun!

I love this board! It is sleek, smooth and fast! I ride it all over Boulder as often as I can. I ride it to the Gym, Dojo, out to eat, to the post office, whatever I do! It goes up steep hills and down steep hills. The braking is as important as the engine... I love cruising along at a good speed knowing I can easily slow down without dragging my foot. I even took it to above 13,000 feet to Guanella Pass in Colorado to enjoy the fall leaves.. Ah Maz Ing!

Nice! We love that you're getting the most out of the new Halo Board 2.

My ten year old grandson says best present ever. He just got it a week ago.


Worth every penny! Quality and design of the board is exceptional with performance to match. Couldn't be happier with this.

Too much fun

A lot of people think without the kicking motion of using a normal skateboard that there is “no real exercise.” But when you’re going 10-20 miles per hour for an hour or so, I promise, it’s still a great work out. The only difference is you’ll get places much quicker and have unlimited carving abilities! You like that feeling of carving side to side, but then get bummed when you have to push? No more! Also, I’m seriously considering building a seat for the thing, because it’s wayyyyy to much fun to ride sitting down.

Love my new HaloBoard

I finally pulled the trigger on an motorized skateboard about a month ago and love the purchase! #haloboard!!! It's so much fun! I try to ride it as much as possible while we have nice weather here in NY. Riding new pavement is like snowboarding on fresh powder. Highly recommend it.

Multipurpose and Super Fun!

I bought the hover board originally for my crazy daring 7 year old girl. I’ve since then used it for pushing my youngest two girls in a stroller for miles, moving all of my furniture 3 blocks to a new house (put the furniture on a rolling cart and the halo has the power to work wonders), and going for fast paced midnight strolls. Riding it is all mental, and when teaching family how to ride it- the only thing I say is “relax.”

Nice unit

Very well built unit..awesome quality best out there...my 10 year old (Gracie) loves it...thanks halo

Halo go 2

I cant keep my son off of it. It is user friendly. And very fun to ride. The only improves would be to make the paint a bit more chip resistant. The undercoat is already scratched. Also my son was headed home and the battery was running low and the board just suddenly stopped and threw him off. Maybe have it slow on it's own when it's going fast.

Love it !

I’ve had it for a month and I have nothing bad to say ...
so much fun , I ride it every day ..
Thank you guys !

Sweet drone!

When I first went to fly my drone one of the rotors was not installed properly, this led to a crash. I got a hold of the halo support and they had me send it back, a few days later I received my done with no charges. Since the repairs I have had no issues, great customer service!

Awesome! I Love it!!!

I’ve had my board for about a month now and have no complaints! It does everything it’s advertised to do and is ridiculously fun to ride! It makes me wish I lived in the city and was able to use it to commute to work but it’s fun enough living at the shore and being able to ride it near the beach just to cruise around. I installed an LED light on the bottom to make the street glow at night, which is a pretty cool addition. Highly recommend this board! I’m so glad I went with this one over any other!

Great board not invincible

The board itself was pretty rough but I've skated through some of the worst streets with insane potholes or gravel. As you can see I did manage to chip a back wheel. But still the board is till functioning quite well. The remote needs care tho, it is quite fragile to drops

Jack loves this thing

My son, Jack, loves this thing! The Bluetooth speakers make him feel that little bit more cooler!! Super easy to ride. Epic according to my 8 year old!

Great Decision-Halo Rover

My daughter asked for a hover board for her 11th birthday. After a ton of research we decided on the Halo Rover. We are 100% satisfied with our decision. Well constructed, sturdy and she is having a ball riding it. Highly recommend the Halo Rover

Probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever purchased

This board is a ton of fun. I’ve been skateboarding for a long time and love how smooth this board is. It has unbelievable power even going uphill and the braking system is smooth and strong. One of the best features of the Halo is that if battery runs out you can still ride this board as a regular skateboard however the battery life is amazing The design of this board is really sweet as well. Even my dog loves to go along with me for rides and will sit for miles. The remote is super small and fits in your hand perfectly. I would highly recommend the Hal board to anyone in the market for one, you won’t be disappointed

Best gift ever! (Halo Go 2 Board)

My daughter received her Halo Go 2 Board for her birthday and she loves it! We can’t keep her off it! Thank you Halo Board! #herfavoritegift!

Still in the Honeymoon Stage...

Just got the Halo Pro Bundle last month. It must be built tough because I've crashed it a couple times... nothing major!
Nice that there are extra clips included in the bundle, though.
Awesome looking drone! Seems responsive. Like I mentioned, I'm still getting used to flying it.
I really need to get an extra battery to extend flight time between chargings.
All in all, I'm very happy with the bundle purchase.