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Great board but I'd wait for the new remote.

Awesome board but the remote leaves something to be desired. I'd wait for the newer generation remote if you're not in a hurry to buy one.


This Halo Board is outstanding just as the service the company backs ! It has exceeded all expectations and for the pink addition Halo Rover X fits well with my daughter Of Seven years of age . It’s safe to use and any skilled rider can step on to it !
Great and fun board to have !

Great Board

Great board, only reason for 4 star is after about a week of normal use (no falling) the button broke off of the remote. I had to stop and find it on the ground, but a little bit of super glue and I was back at it. Also, I think the price is excessive and the carbon fiber makes for a stiff ride. I'm a college student and this makes getting to class fun and easy. The carrying handle is great for wheeling it around the halls and the battery life lasts me a couple days of back and forth (I live a mile off campus). Would like to see a headlight option as riding at night can get scary when you don't see the massive sidewalk gaps. Go ahead and tack this on to college must haves.

Great Investment!

After having the board for about a month now I can’t point out a single thing wrong. The board makes getting to and from campus a breeze, it’s also good for simply riding around for fun. Definitely recommending to friends.

Was supposed to be for the holidays, but never made it.

The youngest has become great at stopping & is trying to
do tricks. He thinks it is the best present ever.

Great board, tons of fun

bought this board to commute to work in downtown. I was first using the pay electric scooters but this will be a better option in the long run. Smooth ride and it is the best part of the workday (the commute into town). I've done 10 mile round trip rides with no problem, uphill speed is strong. Great board so far!

Best Hoverhoard

My daughter LOVES her hover board!! It was an easy purchase, got her fast and the best gift she could have got!!

Best board ever!

So I am a skateboard virgin... I have never owned a skateboard before, and I was afraid that it would be difficult to ride one of these. However I was surprised how easy it is to ride an electrical. And it is so much fun!
It goes fast, the brakes is awesome and feels safe and it looks great!

The only bad thing about it is that it is fragile and it is easy to scratch the edges. The battery meter on the controller could be better (more accurate, maybe show it in % instead of quarters) and I would like to see some rearlights on the next version.

Overall I am very pleased with the board, I highly recommand this product!

Great Gift

Fast Shipping. My 7 year old loves it. Awesome color.

Best Purchase Ever

I LOVE my Halo Board!!! I’ve had it for about 6 weeks now and I can’t ride it enough. I’m based in LA, but travel all over for work. When I’m home for a few days, I use this as my main transportation whenever possible. Spent three days home last week and didn’t get in the car once. Score! I wish the boards were allowed in flight because I’d have this thing everywhere with me. Love love love it.

Better Than Expected

This board is amazing! Gets up hills like a champ and rides smoothly. I have fun everytime I ride. I maybe charge it once a week, since I mostly ride it for commuting purposes, but still pretty great battery with all the hills I beast.

With that said, some kind of protective cover should come with the remote. The wristlet just isn't enough when it falls out of a pocket. One drop, the speed control knob just pops off, and now comes off whenever it feels like it. Maybe a different color too? Almost lost it twice on the asphalt. Other than that great board! 5 stars!
Added some LED lights for night visibility, and chameleon vinyl wrap for extra waterproofing.

Sleek and powerful

The board is amazing quality. Sleek and descrete design. Powerful yet almost silent motors. The only noise you hear is the wheels on the pavement.

Great product

I bought this for my 13yr old son. But all my kids love it.

Nice ride, some issues

Good ride, it has some turning issues right out of the box but if you work on skateboards alot it isn't an issue to fix, good for getting around parking lots and campuses Have to take away a star for the remote which isn't the best and for some reason keeps slowing me down suddenly and made me fall of lf once for no apparent reason.

Halo Rover

Super fun and safe !!!

Bigger and Better than I could Have Imagined

It's hard to imagine the size and quality of the board until it's in front of you. When it first arrived I just stared at it for the entire day (it was raining out so...). I never thought I could afford anything this awesome! Pictures don't do it justice.


I make sure it's charged and keep it in my trunk so if an opportunity covers up to ride... I'm ready!

Hello Halo

Had a problem with loose bolts and one bolt that was entrenched. The company quickly fixed the problem by replacing the deck itself.

Excellent birthday gift

Gave this to my 9 year old son, He was a natural using it for the first time ever.

Halo Stealth Pro
As of Today I have not Taken My Halo Out of the Box

I’ve been very involved in other matters and never found the time to charge the battery so it’s sitting in my living room waiting on me

My Son Loves His Birthday Gift

This was a surprise birthday gift for my son’s 10 year birthday and he loves it! He rides his hover board every day.

Five stars for me!

Halo board is a round trip to heaven

I’ve been embarrassing lower end boards, and humiliating bikers on campus. Have had only 2 small issues, both were fixed quickly by customer support. Y’all NEED to find a way to keep the throttle button on the remote. Everyone I know who has this board has lost theirs. However, this doesn’t affect board performance.

Would Give 4.5/5 Stars if possible

The board is great to ride around on if you are in a city and ride around during rush hour, as many of the usual blocks for cars, and even bikes/mopeds, do not exist. One time I ran into really bad traffic at an intersection, and there was no way to get around the cars on the road, so I literally just picked up the board, walked on the sidewalk for 30 seconds, and went on my way. Being able to go from 18 MPH to walking on the sidewalk in 5 seconds is quite useful (and funny). Additionally, it fits very nicely in the corner of my apartment. The only two issues I have come across so far are that 1, motorists in cars care even less about skateboards than they do bikes, so you have to keep your head on a swivel, and 2, that I am afraid to ride it around when it the pavement is wet.

Would 100% buy again and recommend.

Dressy and Fast

I love this board. I use it to get around campus and it saves so much time. The carbon fiber really makes whatever im wearing for class that day work out too.

Put a smile on my face!

WHat a treat i feel like I’m a teenager again.lol awesome board and the carbon fiber look so luxurious.