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The best

Boy!!! Your company has made one little boy extremely happy!!! I did a LOT of homework and HALO is the absolute BEST!!!

Most fun I've had on a skateboard...ever

Bought my halo board refurbished through a third party vendor and bout the extended mfg warranty. Board arrived extremely quickly. Props there. The wheels on the halo board are not the highest quality I have ever seen. Within the first 5 miles an extremely large chunk had come out of it (-1 star) and makes it challenging to ride now. Contacted HaloBoard to make a claim for warranty on the wheel and they promptly replaced it all the while educating me on their warranty practices (+1 star) and other questions I had. Cesar Avila was the person who helped me, I give him mad props for the back and forth correspondence - he did a fantastic job. Only thing I wish that Haloboard would do is look into the possibility of making alternative wheels that are pneumatic (air filled like a bike tire), the reason being is that the current wheels take a SEVERE beating here on the sidewalk of Phoenix. Every time the board crosses those straight perpendicular cracks that are in between the slabs (for whether purposes) it puts a jolt through the board - and consequentially your body - that is the most violent thing I have ever felt and as a result find myself riding in the street with traffic (which is actually where I need to be anyways due to the law stating that no motorized device other than a wheelchair may legally use the sidewalk) and Phoenix has some of the better sidewalks in the nation due our lack of rain and trees in front yards that break up the concrete. Pneumatic wheels would solve this and in the end add years of life to the board. This is an extremely expensive investment and I would caution anyone to think about this before buying one . Other than that this board is king of all others I have tried. I would recommend it for sure. (BTW - the lights are after market, put those on so drivers will see me better)


Quality skateboard and Nacho approved!!

Do Not Buy Any Other Board This Is It!!

What can I not say about this board? First off my top speed was a lot higher Secondly that range bro This board does everything it says it does. Conquers hills with ease and that remote is everything I didn’t know I was missing I upgraded the risers nipples and bearings but simply because I know what I need in my rides. Also the regenerative braking actually does recharge the board noticeably. I live in the surrounding Boston MA area and this handles on our crappy hilly roads. I do tend to seek out newer pavements. I would recommend this board to everyone. Please always ride with a helmet. Also it is so Discrete no one will know it’s an electric board the motors are silent so you literally scare the crap out of people in bike lanes as you fly past them. HELMETS!!!

New patent hover board chair LLC

I love it music is great plenty of power!


Thank you for the quick response to my questions. I am looking forward to receiving my follow module as a accessory. I have had my replacement camera for about a month now with no issues. My Halo seems to be getting better the more I use it.
In response to John's question from a earlier review, yes I have used a GP4S with my Halo. It did work but very hard to set up just right. The GP must be powered on first, then do not connect the gimbal cable until after powering on Halo. Any variation will cause the GP to freeze up. Also I do not believe the weight is compatible, if the GP is not exactly positioned the gimbal will spin trying to correct itself.

Reliable flight Bettery

I am very surprised about this flight battery! It really has a flight time of 22 minutes. Recently I had a crash, and nothing happened to the battery. Its still working perfectly.
What a I like the most about this drone is the gimbal. The photos and videos are recorded perfectly!
Cant wait to see updates/ goggles or anything that i could add to it.

17/10 would recommend

My prized possession

Highly recommend this board!

This is my first electric board. I was debating between Boosted Board and Halo. Glad I made the right choice! Delivered by Fedex with signature required. Well packaged. Ready and charged out of the box. The board, bluetooth remote, and wall charger are included. Solid build quality in the board. Scratches easily, but components, motor, and wheels run smoothly and are intact. Top speed at ~20-22 mph. Comes synced with the bluetooth remote with wrist strap.

If you’re holding the board from the handle at waist height, dropping it with wheels facing towards the ground, will cause the board to turn on. There is a power button to turn it off or it will turn off automatically if it idles for a few minutes.

At top speed (~18 - 22 mph), the board does give you the wobbles. Make sure you kick in the brake if you are going downhill. I recommend this board for flat smooth surfaces, and asphalt streets. I use it to commute around school and work. 1 battery charge gives me about 12-14 mile range. Battery takes 3 hrs to charge from empty. The charge port is underneath the board covered by a rubber cap.

So far the only improvement for me is the build quality of the remote. My screen cover and knob broke after I dropped it ~3x at table height since I’ve had it. I glued it with SUPER glue to fix it, so not a big deal.

Thanks for an awesome product! Looking forward to gen 3.

Good Support

Just wanted to take a moment and thank the support staff (Ricky). I had some issues with my camera and it was replaced promptly. My Halo is flying flawlessly once I got the hang of proper set up and being patient waiting on satellite acquisition. It only takes 30-45 seconds to have a positive lock and it makes all the difference for me.

Awesome board, with a couple minor setbacks

Starting first, please quit using Fedex. It took forever just to get my board to me because they would only go to my complex office and wouldn't walk their ass to my door.

The board: Awesome design, love that it's 100% carbon fiber, much more durable then most of the other boards on the market. Has plenty of power, and a great range on the battery.

The setbacks: For the power and range the board has (not to mention the price) the bearings in the front wheels are overwhelmingly sup par. Mine failed on the second ride. Come to find out that they are basic steel not ceramic as they should be to keep up with the strain imposed by the board. Being a life long skater (25 years+) i have extra bearings on hand, but i was not anticipating having to use them so soon.

The remote: While it's leagues above most other electric skateboard remotes out right now, it too could use some upgrading. The materials seem as though they will barely stand up to any prolonged use and in fact the throttle/brake joystick button popped off, having never been dropped, manhandled or used with excessive force.

And while i understand the thought process in regards to handle placement it goes against normal skateboard usage to have the handle in the back.

The pros: The rolling start feature is fantastic, it's very convenient (and would be even more so if the handle were on the front). The initial torque is perfectly balanced, enough to get you off the ground right now but just shy of knocking you on your ass. The initial torque is also perfectly matched with the immediate braking. The battery life combined with the regenerative braking makes it great for commuting and recreational use alike. I use the board as my main method of transportation and was pleasantly surprised at just how long i could go with needing to charge it and also how rapid the charging was.

All in all i am very pleased with board, hopefully the saying old of "you get what you pay for" holds true.


My son LOVES his HALO ROVER X. He says it's AWESOME! The bluetooth is loud enough and clear enough to ride the board and listen to his favorite music at the same time from his I pod. The lights on the board are nice and bright and I like the fact that the board has a beginners mode. My son is currently riding on the beginners mode. The tires are heavy duty and he even rides across the front lawn and then rides off to have a spectacular time. He only has to carry it a short distance to get it outside, which is good because this board is heavy duty and he's a 10 year old. I recommend this board because it's high quality, sturdy and my son loves it and says it's FUN! FUN! FUN to ride.

Not bad

Flies good, haven't had good weather to try it much.. camera did come with software issues, they are sending me a new one soon.


The drone itself looks very nice well packaged.Easy to fly .The only thing it should have is two batteries for the price

Black on black

This board is the best looking on the market. New control is a plus. Has all the information you need. All on an lcd screen. Power, light weight, stealth look. Makes it hard to pass up if your in the market for a electric skateboard. Riding it is a blast. Hope to ride many miles on the board. Thank u halo board for his awesome product.

New Fun Transportation and saving a whole Lot of money

This board is everything I thought it would be and more. I’m so excited I took it out first band a soon as I got it with my best friend who is experienced long border. We took turns for many hours into the early a.m. this thing is super fast nice braking system and hey overall great ride. I had a problem with my board and halo took care of it with no questions asked great customer service along with a great product

Very fun very fast

Easy to operate. Very fast. Holds charge a long time. Add griptape over the bolts area! Vibrations are pretty bad so need to add higher shock absorbing risers and make sure you wear thick soled shoes. Buy one now and you won’t regret!

Just awesome

Awesome drone


Birthday present for our 11yr old. She loves it!

More flying time

Finally received my extra batteries. Thank you Halo team for correcting the USPS problems. Both work great and I am really enjoying this drone.

This board is awesome!

This board is awesome! The ride is smooth, quiet, fast, responsive, and enjoyable. I'm very happy with it.

Love this hoverboard!!!

We got this board for our 8 year old daughter for Christmas. She absolutely loves it! She rides all over the house...we can’t get off of it! Great quality, the Bluetooth speakers are so much fun and I love the protection over the wheels so that clothing getting caught isn’t a concern. Highly recommend this board and Halo products overall.

Insane board - Very powerful and extremely fun to ride.

The board is very powerful, very responsive, and looks fantastic.
Low mode and High mode, both good options to have.
The brakes are very sensitive. The battery seems to last a lot, around the 12 miles as advertised.
I wish I had put end grips to protect the ends from scratching when having the board standing.
I hope the HALO team is good with replacements because wheels always end up messed up from regular use, can't do anything about it.
I avg. 19 mph with the board and have reached the 23mph several times.
9/10 board, recommended 100%.
Not 10/10 since I wish there was an easy way to clean the whole board and wheels.

Awesome Drone

Best drone I never had, really stable and great performance. Really good customer service, responded to all my questions the same day!!!!

2 weeks in with the Halo Drone Pro

I have been having lots of fun with this drone over the last few weeks. I do some photography work and the quality of the videos are right on the money.
Easy to fly for the most part, the case is built with quality. IMHO buying the pro version is a much better deal than the regular version.

Best board

This is our first purchase from Halo and our first experience with hover boards. Being huge fans of AFV - we have seen so many videos of wrecks and mishaps on hover boards. Well - doesn't look any funny videos will be sent from this household. 1st time Aces with Halo! Our kids friends are so jealous after seeing our Halo boards! Everyone wants to ride ours!! So glad we purchased from Halo!!!

Hover board

I bought it in white for me my daughter Christmas present she loves it can’t wait for nice weather to fully enjoy it sadly is to cold.

We are loving it thus

We are loving it thus far.

Love it

Best product ever

We are glad you loved it. Thank you for a great review.
I recommend it 100%

The Pro package and protective case is really awesome. Of all the drones I have used in the price range of $600-$1400, the Halo is my favorite and top choice. It not only takes excellent videos and pictures but the experience of flying it is exceptional. I really like the fact that I can take off the Halo Cam and use it for other things. The controller feels solid and not cheap, locks my phone in tight. I did purchase an extra battery, it is a must if you buy any drone. The GPS works perfect, nothing beats its stability and how easy it is to use. The follow features work great, I use to take nice footage of my hill paths from above when I go riding. I have no tried the watch yet, but will do so this weekend.

Awesome sky shot! Thank you for the great 5 star review.
First time out!

This is her first board but it was a great experience! It was all you advertised and more!

We love to see that she is enjoying her board. Thank you for the awesome review and pictures.
Very good

Very good

Thank you for the picture! Glad you are enjoying your Rover.
My new Halo E-Board

Awesome, better than I could have ever imagined. I have made 13 e-boards but this one surpasses my expectations. A piece of art. Rides over rocks and sidewalk curbs easily. Do not think it reached the 22 mph, I weigh 185lbs, but I know I came close. From my oppinion, I consider myself an expert in e-boards, that this is not only a beautiful board but a high performance ride. From someone who is hard to impress, 2 thumbs up. PS... longevity is the next and most important test. Hopefully it will pass with flying colors as well.

Thank you for the stellar review James!
My Halo Super Board

I received my Halo Electric Board for my Birthday present and I simply love it. It has two speeds and I graduated to the high speed in one day. I am 100% satisfied with the performance and operation of the board.

Thank you for the picture Robert! Glad you are loving your board.
Halo board

Awsome awsome awsome awsome And awsome

Awesome pictures!
Awesome the way it work...My

Awesome the way it work...My son Samuel was so happy to receive the rover board for his birthday...Thanks for the great service ...

Lucky boy you got there!
My daughter loves her halo.

My daughter loves her halo. She rides it, and takes or everywhere :grinning:

We're happy to hear that your daughter is loving her GO Angela.
Best birthday present

My 9 year old niece loves her hoverboard. She learned it very quickly and even woke up early on a Saturday morning to ride it. It was so worth it seeing how happy she is. I did a lot of research to find the best hoverboard and I am so happy I went with this one. She loves the color and the Bluetooth! Thank you!

Pink on Pink! Glad she is loving her GO.
Christian Lancaster

Thank you for the excellent customer service. Product is great, Service great which makes #1 for hoverboards. I LOVE MY BOARD !

Something out of the Batcave

I'm not a skateboarder and I was able after a few trials go up and down the bike trail on Huntington Beach. It's unbelievably responsive and most importantly the brakes are perfectly tuned. The first speed mode is perfect for beginners. I only pushed it to 2 twice. I'll need to practice some more before I get fully comfortable. This thing is fast so be careful. It's probably one of the best looking and quality made boards I've seen. Easily the best purchase I've made in a long time!


Great product and great fun. I'll be ordering a second board, I wasn't even sure the first would be worth it. Beyond expectation and really a blast to cruise on. Thanks!!!

We're happy to hear that you are digging your new board. Thank you for the review.
Seriously. WOW!

I love this board! Bought it simply to commute to and from work, but now I take it with me everywhere I go. I'm getting pretty decent mileage in 2nd mode and even better in 1st.
Halo board is very stable and handles really well. Carving around the neighborhood or along the shore is just so much fun. Its super fast so wearing a protective gear is a must!
Regenerative braking is awesome and very smooth. Climbs hills like a champ.
I love how it looks! Top notch quality and design in every detail. Carbon fiber deck looks awesome. Carrying handle on one end of the deck is a very clever addition. Makes it so much easier to carry around crowded places.
Superb customer service and technical support!
Thank you Halo Board team!

Thank you for the killer review! We're stoked that you are loving your board.
Awesome Blue

10th Birthday request and it was granted by Grandmother! Not only is it a beautiful blue, but it glides down the street with ease and enjoyment. She loves her Halo Rover Hoverboard and so does the entire neighborhood, so we hope everyone gets one soon!

Carbon Commuter

This thing kicks ass! It's sleek, powerful, exhilarating to ride, and I'll save money on my commute in the long run. Couldn't be happier!

Best hoverboard out

Really durable, heavy duty hoverboard

Glad you are enjoying your board. Thank you for the picture
Awesome board, feel and fun! Love it!

While my experience did not start the best way (I received the board with a technical issue - two motor wheels spinning in opposite directions! Not ridable ), at least I can say I even experienced Halo awesome customer service. Less than 24 hours repair time in California, all freights prepaid by Halo, UPS Freight. Good responsiveness. Nothing to complain about. Thanks guys. So now I received my new (repaired) Halo board yesterday and this is simply an awesome board: so robust, solid look and feel, beautifully carbon fiber made board. I am a 30 years old young dad, I did not snowboard for about 4 years and did not skateboard for 12+ years! So trust me I was more than skeptical when it comes to stand on a board again! And guess what: while you may never loose these skills (right?), I also found the Halo board to be so easy to adopt and ride for the first time. Tried first speed first of course...and switched to the crazy nice second speed after 20 minutes! Amazing, uphill, this board is just so powerful and at the same time, provides smooth acceleration, very stable ride. Downhill, braking system is also smooth (I got to get used to break without carving or step on the asphalt, just playing a joystick but nothing to worry about, question of habits). Carving is also amazing. I’ve had this board for less than 24 hours but already enjoyed it so much. It is so fun! 22mph (I did not reach it yet just because I need to get my riding sensation back! But I can tell: you can go fast!). 12 miles battery life: meaning commuting, enjoying long rides around the city, etc. And in worst case scenario: this board is as smooth to ride without as it is with power. So no issues in case you go over the battery life. So far, I have nothing wrong to say about this board: I bought it based on the number of positive reviews, videos, etc. on internet. And I can tell you now, I totally understand all of these. This thing is a technologic beast made for fun! Will definitely post a few vide...


We purchased 2, pink and a blue, just for fun. I'm an avid snowboarder so it was easy as 123 hopping on the halo and having fun . The 2nd one is used by 12 year old. Took him just a few minutes in learning mode thenboff he went. Once you've gotten the hang of it, turn off learning mode to get full advantage of the board. Easiest board ever, well made, heavy and solid. You feel firmly planted while riding, unlike others where you feel as if your unstable & riding plastic . 5 stars all the way !

Awesome pictures! Thank you for sharing
Boosted got nothing on Halo!

Totally dope board will do 20 plus miles per hour! However, would like to see a battery life indicator on next version. Buy it with your eyes closed!

Awesome picture Fred! Glad you are loving it.
My kids and whole family love riding this

Kids have so much fun on these. We have two because both my kids love riding them.

Awesome pictures! Looks like they are having a blast