Halo Board Gen 2 Remote - Ergonomic - Halo Board

Halo Board Gen 2 Remote - Ergonomic

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*Only compatible with 2nd Gen Halo Board - New V3 Ergonomic Remote*

Replacement 2nd Gen Remote for Halo Board.

If you've lost or damaged your Halo Board's remote, order your new one here.

Customer Reviews

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Halo board 2 Carbon Edition

Amazing board just as advertised! I LOVE this board. I just went out for a couple hours carving turns at our new local high school with fresh paved asphalt. It felt like snowboarding with a foot of new pow! It’s super fast when you want, or just mellow cruising. The braking system is like butter, so smooth! I did a ton of research prior to buying this board. I did purchase the newer remote, which is way better and worth the extra $100. I just turned 50, but feel like 15 riding this baby! I love my wife and kids, but this board is true love at first ride!

Amazing Remote

Got the new remote, it is very durable and nicely designed. Got the same very practical screen as the last one and it fits nicely in the hand. Highly recommend.

Great remote, but it needs to come with pairing instructions (see below)

The original remote was flimsy—especially the toggle switch that controls speed. My son’s broke off, so I ordered the replacement ergonomic remote. Much sturdier and no toggle switch to break off. My only complaint is that it did not come with instructions to pair the remote to the board (although support was helpful through online chat). See: https://uploads.gorgias.io/JWE4j733ry7ZlV9b/Updated_Remote_Pairing_Guide_LED_board-bfa581ac-697b-4911-ad5f-605eb6c4959f.pdf. It really should be the standard remote they provide (as opposed to paying another $95.00.

Love the new remote!

Ergonomic remote is 100 times better!

Better than original

Toggle broke off my first remote and this one is a better design with no toggle so won’t have the same issue.