Halo Board & Halo Rover In The News

Halo Rover in the News

"...consumers don't have to worry about putting themselves or their children in harm's way. All Halo Rovers include Certified Firesafe LG Batteries."
-Yahoo! Finance


"...an all-terrain hoverboard with heavy duty rims and shock absorbent rover tires that works over any terrain."


"If you are looking to get an awesome gift, or just want the best hoverboard available, you can't go wrong with the Halo Rover."
-Tutorial Geek


"The Halo Rover is an absolute beast that is taking the hoverboard community by storm."
-Best Reviews Online


"...can be controlled via mobile app, which allows you to monitor vehicle’s power, adjust speed and steering sensitivity..."


"...I have found the one thing that BOTH, Yes, BOTH of my girls love!"
-Amy and Aron's Real Life Reviews


"...Halo Rover has already distinguished itself as the best hoverboard."
-The Business Journals


"An amazing gift for those young at heart, tweens, and more, this is perfect for everyone!"
-Kelly's Thoughts on Things


Halo Board in the News

"...for Marty McFly’s levitating hoverboard, the Halo Board looks pretty close to the real deal."


"...the Halo Board has taken the number one spot among electric skateboards."
-Yahoo! Finance


"The board really looks nice at nighttime, the LED lights make it look as though it’s floating like a UFO."


"...the one wheel design and additional features make it an extremely fun item."
-The Business Journals


"...this is an awesome holiday gift idea as well as the perfect birthday gift!"
-Amy and Aron's Real Life Reviews


"No other electric skateboard has an adaptive system like this."