About us

Creativity is the centerpiece of every dream. And with every dream, it can be realized with the vision of talented creators who transform their dreams into real life. At Halo Board, our creators have done just that with our products.

Our company enables our creators to actually create what was once unthinkable or out of reach. Our speedy Halo Board has taken riding to the next level. We have passed on our dreams to the customers every step of the way to experience our creation.

We do this all through unparalleled commitment to R&D, through innovation and tracking, and a focus on turning a complex technology into easy-to-use boards. 

Headquartered in Los Angeles, we have grown from a small place in 2015. As a privately owned and operated company, Halo Board focuses on creating the dreams of what many have wanted to see come to real life.

Now we are changing the way industries perform. We strive to keep every single customer happy from every step of the way.  We love to hear feedback and would love to hear from you.