Halo Board

Halo Board - World Leader of Electric Skateboards with One Wheel

The Halo Board was voted as the ultimate electric skateboard.  There are currently 2 models.  The Halo Board & Halo Board Extreme. The primary difference between the two board is that the Halo Extreme Model is just that - Extreme. It is goes up to 14 MPH and has more sensors for a smoother riding experience.  Comprising of one wheel under the electric skateboard, the Halo Board is able to sharply maneuver around obstacles.  Electric skateboard riders feel the one wheel gives them the same sensation as being on a surfboard or snowboard.  The Halo Board was designed with revolutionary technology to enhance its agility while minimizing vibrations.  The Smart Halo Technology learns as you ride, adapting to your style while bringing you the best experience. Designed with Advanced Halo Bluetooth speakers, you'll get clarity and boosted volume as you listen to your favorite songs.  Just pair your phone to your board and start cruising.  The Board boasts sweeping curves, perfect lines with a polished finish never before seen in a electric board.  With intelligence and more power, riders are able to finally fly on land.    Welcome to the era of the Halo Board.