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Halo Beast 2 Review

I couldn’t be happier with this purchase. I shopped around since the beginning of Covid for the right electric board. The
power and speed is exhilarating. The battery life is also impressive. Only downside is the weight. Bumps and cracks require
a lot of attention. I will be buying new wheels to see if this helps the ride smooth out. Bottom line, this is an amazing piece
of equipment and I highly recommend whether its for first electric board or if you are skilled and ready to shred.

Daddy/Daughter fun!

I bought this Rover X to help my daughter with balance since she was struggling riding her bike. She instantly started riding this Rover X and loved it! Now we both have one and we ride inside and outside while listening to our favorite music. We love pairing music to play out of both boards. The music sounds really good when playing two boards as a sound system. The Rover X is very durable and holds an adult well. Boards are heavy so I look forward to buying two cases to help carry when traveling. Very happy with our two boards.

Amazing Product!

My son has sensory issues and low vision. He has used some hoverboards before but Halo Rover X is great for hard (concrete) to soft (grass) terrain transition. He enjoys the build in speaker which adds to the experience! He was rough on it at first and the body took some damage but it is a durable product. We highly recommend!

Halo Board Gen 2 Remote - Ergonomic
Haloboard Gen 2 Remote Ergonomic

I purchased the Gen 2 board back in 2019 and use is mainly early morning weekends. The board is great I did have to change the bushings for better feel and been running great. The only issue I have had was the original remote would not hold a charge and left me walking once. I ordered a replacement and went with the newer ergonomic model and have to say has been a great upgrade! Not only is it more comfortable and more natural but the breaking is far superior than the older model, it is not as sensitive and don’t have to focus as much when slowing down. Anytime I would let someone try is I would have to warn them of the sensitivity and usual it took them a while to get used to it. So far I am very impressed and glad the older gen 2 was not available. Pairing the remote was not as straight forward as the previous as I had to remove the top grip surface (6 screws if I remember) and press a reset / pairing button but then I was good to go. No issues with holding a charge and much more confident during sketchy conditions. I would highly recommend the upgrade for replacement or anyone who what better control when riding.

Fun on 2 wheels

I love my hoverboard. It’s the kid in a grownups body.

Great Upgrade!

Decided to try out the AT wheels after about 1 year of riding with the street wheels. Haven’t took the all terrain wheels off since putting them on. Great for riding on sidewalks and rough roads.

Amazing Board

This board was a gift but it was even better than I was looking for. I live on a college campus and it is perfect for getting around. I’m addition the torque on the beast makes the hills on campus seem like nothing. I am definitely going to invest in the off-road wheel set next!

Halo does not mess around it is sturdy and can take a beating but that does come at it being a little heavier. I don’t mind the extra weight for the superior performance but it is something to keep in mind.

Overall I highly recommend the halo beast board for any type of rider.

Love this hoverboard

We bought the Halo Rover for our 10 year old daughter for Christmas and couldn't be happier with it. It is extremely sturdy and stable and easily rides uphill and on rough surfaces, grass, etc. We tried out other brands first and ended up returning them.

Not receiving halos claim range of 25 miles

I truly do enjoy the ride on the Halo Beast, I changed up the wheels to the 120 mm iclouds. These orange wheels have a great contrast to the black Halo Beast board.

The ride in the carpiness the board plus these wheels provide is truly a joy the remote control is flawless and very comfortable in my hand, the ease of the braking system when applied is smooth and constant and response well when commands are given in regards to the intensity of that stopping power.

One disappointment with my halo beastboard is the range I am only getting about 15 MI per charge that has been a constant disappointment especially when Halo claims a 25 mile range. This does cost an anxiety if I wish to stretch out my travels.

So much fun!

This is the best hover board ever. Unlike any other! Love that it rides off road. My son loves it!

Best hoverboard I've had!

I'm 32 and wanted something to ride while my kids rode theirs. I weigh 200-210 lbs and all my other hoverboards wouldn't let me maneuver quickly. Taking off fast, racing my kids, they would give up and throw me off. This halo hoverboard does great! It costs more but it was worth it! Speaker sounds better, motors are stronger, and how the board is made it feels stronger without showing flex in the middle like the others. You want a strong board, this ones it!

Great Christmas present

My 7 year old loves it. Rides it everywhere .


This thing is a SOLID mf! Still getting used to it, but it’s fast and handles turns / corners smoothly. The stock wheels can take the rough road conditions with ease, but I’ll probably swap them out for the all-terrain. The remote is comfortable and easy to use. Overall, I love this kickass board!

Best board around

Gotta say this halo board beats out the booster board when I did have one. Halo board is smooth, it’s fast, it’s got range, it’s got style.

Worth every penny

Bought for my fiancé as a surprise and he is obsessed! Great board!

Bought it for my boyfriend and he is obsessed

This was the best Christmas present I could have ever bought for my boyfriend. He loves to ride through the city neighborhoods (we live in Austin) and parks. It goes over grass, sidewalks, gravel (be careful on gravel though), easily with AT wheels. I had to order the AT wheels from another vendor but Halo recommended them since they are out of stock. I tried to post a video but it wouldn’t upload where he’s riding over hills in zilker park. It really is super fun.

Dog Gone Cool

Best fun I ever had on 4 wheels.
Timon my terrier thinks it's pretty sweet too!

Halo Board Beast Gen 2
Patrick Maloney
Awesome Ride

Already logged in over 100 miles 1 month is, and I absolutely love this board. Look forward to just taking it out for the afternoon every day.

Halo Board Beast Gen 2
Clayton Bello
Love this Board!

From the first time I hopped on the beast I have loved riding it ever since!

Halo Board Beast Gen 2
Steve Ramirez

The Halo beast third is my third electric skateboard.. and it’s by far the best one I’ve had.

Halo Board Beast Gen 2
Hannah Gilliam
Best longboard I’ve owned, well worth the money

I love my halo board beast, I also purchased the all-terrain wheels which make the ride very smooth and increases the range of speed. The board is very sturdy and makes me feel safe. Has great maneuverability, the remote and all functions work well. I like how the brakes can be controlled to be gradual and not a sudden stop. I definitely recommend getting protective equipment, better to be safe than sorry.

Awesome board!

I bought this board for my husband for Christmas and I am not sure who loves it more my husband, myself, or our puppy! :) this board holds its charge, durable, fast, and smooth! Waiting for you to restock so we can have two boards!

Great hoverboard!

Our 8 year old son wanted a hoverboard for Christmas and I wanted to buy him one that had positive reviews and was safe and Halo fit our criteria. I was worried that he would have a hard time learning but within 30 minutes of practice he was riding around confidently! It’s a great sturdy board and we are really happy with it!

New Year's Eve Great Smoky Mountains

I love my halo I have COPD and with my board it makes it a lot easier to get around I can take my dogs out for walks and I can ride right beside my grandkids. I really like that I can jump off the road and it turns into an all-terrain vehicle LOL