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Like everything I love why settle for less when you can have the best.

Dude this board is bomb. You can glide around town just like I do in my car. I feel like I'm snowboarding on pavement and I can literally ride this hover board year round here in St George, UT. Hurray for me.

Halo Rover X

Love the board, grandson has an awesome time riding it.

Halo Rover X

My daughter loves this board. It took only a short while and she was a pro at it. It is so much larger than the other hoverboards in the neighborhood. She can easily go across the lawn and transition into the street with no problems. It seems very user friendly and is very responsive to her input. Highly recommended!!

Halo Roover

Shipping, ordering and the product was just as described. Very durable for use off of pavement or sidewalks. Would purchase again.

Truly The Beast of boards

I'm 61 and haven't been on a board since I was in my twenties. I've always loved long boardIng especially. The Halo Beast is amazingly predictable, powerful and handles like a dream. I’m still getting use to mode 2 and even there I'm going way faster than I could ever push one. I'm 205 lbs and it pulls me over 15 /25 grade hills no problem. Don't hesitate.. Hit (add to cart) and you will thank me later and Halo! 😎

Great Product & lots of fun!

Purchased 2 of these for son & I for Christmas! It has been a great bonding time and lots of laughs!

Great Hoverboard

What a great hoverboard! My son loves it. I’m going to buy another one for my nephew for Christmas.

Greatest thing since sliced bread!! Kids love it and we think it is a ton of fun.

We were a little nervous when we purchased this for our oldest daughter. However, it arrived when she was gone at camp so I opened it at my office and was taught by my business partner on how to ride this thing. Very scary at first but then that turned to a lot of fun. Great purchase the kiddos love it and we are not allowed to use it anymore!!

Halo Board 2nd Edition - Carbon Fiber Electric Skateboard
Not my first E-Board

I have a coupe of other high quality electric boards and they are great. The Halo Board is great and very impressive. It is more powerful and definitely faster than my other boards. I’ve not been able to max out the range, but I’ve done at least 6 miles on one of them and it barely moves the battery percentage. By that time I was pretty worked; riding up and down hill, ripping and full braking down big hills. So not just on flat ground. The top deck rattles pretty noticeably when you first ride. I took it off and used some basic black silicone to seal it and dampen the rattle. It’s so freaking great other than this small adjustment. I keep it charged in the trunk of my car so I can rip any time or if I ever just get board.

Halo Board 2nd Edition - Carbon Fiber Electric Skateboard
Great board

I got this board off a friend for a few hundred and absolutely love it, the acceleration and braking is admittedly not as good as my boosted mini s, but the range, top speed, and comfort more than makes up for it, next iteration should definetly have some sort of fast charging feature though.

Halo Board 2nd Edition - Carbon Fiber Electric Skateboard
Great board

Goes really fast and the battery last pretty long to get the job done. Sometimes it can start to shake a little but if your careful you should be good

Halo Board 2nd Edition - Carbon Fiber Electric Skateboard

Having bought my son the Halo Hover board a few years ago as he was younger I learned to first appreciate a US based real customer service center, warranty etc. He liked to get it in mud and it cost me a little to repair but it was repaired immediately.
That said, he’s older now and has had his eye on an e skateboard- looked at a few but the answer was easy in the purchase and glad I did. Set up was easy and off he went. Quality board that is enjoyed daily before and after homework daily.
Btw it was for his 15th bday present- one lucky little f er!!

Halo Board 2nd Edition - Carbon Fiber Electric Skateboard
Halo borad

It was really good and battery life is nice. Went pretty fast too.

Halo Board 2nd Edition - Carbon Fiber Electric Skateboard

It's a fun ride the board is sleek and cool. The speed and range are awesome. My only suggestions would be to increase the turning radius. Either extend the trucks outward or reshape the cut out over the trucks. If the board could be a little lighter and more flexible that would be sweet as well. I also like a little more leverage at the back of the board for raising the nose. Other than those tweaks the Halo board provides a very fun long smooth ride.

Great board!

I bought this for my daughter's 10th birthday and her and her friends love it! Very stable and easy for beginners. The battery life is outstanding!

What a blast

My son and his friends have had an amazing time on his halo rover. We live on a dirt road and it hasn’t stopped him or his friends yet from enjoying it!! Definitely had lived up to the advertisements

Halo Board 2nd Edition - Carbon Fiber Electric Skateboard

It's an amazing board if I had to buy again I definitely would note for the makers the only thing I have a complaint about the next model make trucks wider the handling isn't bad but it could be better if you take a tight turn the wheel hit the deck other than that amazing

Excellent hover board

Seems to be well built and kids love it. Defiantly better than some of the cheaper ones I have seen.

Halo Board 2nd Edition - Carbon Fiber Electric Skateboard
Smoothest Control

I own a Halo Board and another eskate. I always take both when I go riding. The Halo Board just feels so much lighter, and the controller is so much nicer to use. Butter smooth acceleration and braking. Definitely a best buy.

Had it for a year

We purchased two and the kids just love them. Took about 10 min before they had it mastered. We are thinking of getting another one because we always have kids over to play.

Halo Board 2nd Edition - Carbon Fiber Electric Skateboard
Love My Halo!!!

A week before I bought my board, my husband bought his. All I could do was make fun of him and laugh that he was going to hurt himself. The day he got it though he convinced me to take a ride. I have never smiled so much (photographic evidence below)! A week later I bought my own because sharing became an issue. Its honestly the best money I have spent in the last 10 years! We ride them every day :)

You want the best? You got the best!

Halo Rover advertises itself as the best ranked hoverboard. Happy to say this product is as advertised! My 11 year old received the Rover X - Black Edition 2 months ago for his birthday and is as excited today as the day he got it. There are a lot of hoverboards on the market today. For a few dollars more, why not get the best? We are definitely glad we did!

Totally Rad!!

My son had been asking for a hoverboard, after a lot of research I decided to go with the Halo. To say he liked it is an understatement!! Can’t keep him off it!!

Halo Board 2nd Edition - Carbon Fiber Electric Skateboard
Great for a big guy.

I got this for my husband who is very tall and a heavy rider. We got this Halo Board 2 specially because of the weight capacity. Even with his build it's a smooth ride!!

Halo Board 2nd Edition - Carbon Fiber Electric Skateboard
Best Commute Ever

I commute everyday to work with my Halo Board! It saves me time, fuel, and wear and tear on my car. It is so much fun and the board runs beautifully. I tackle both up and down hills with ease. I actually save time with my “ride” as opposed to driving my car! What an awesome product!