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Halo Beast
Will Schoenleb
My 2nd board

This is the second board I have purchased from Halo board The first being the carbon edition first edition. These are great choices for electric skateboard fast, good quality, good customer service. There has only been improvements from the first board, and I love them all. Definitely have to spring for the cloud wheels though, they are a must, really cuts down on the fatigue in legs/feet when riding for a while. I've not rode other electric skateboards but there is no doubt in my mind that Haloboard Beast 2 is one the the best on the market.

About two for my boys a few years ago and they still use them

Really loved this board

I'm 62 years old and about 215 lbs. I live near Pittsburgh and everywhere is hilly. This board carries me around fantastic on the level. My driveway is 700ft uphill from the house with a peak slope of 14.5 degrees (25%). I can go all the way up the driveway by crisscrossing. Fantastic. Really love just getting on it and just going back and forth on the level area of the driveway. Also great in the house. It really is well made. May take you a little bit of futzing with your phone to get the app working, but once you do it's fine. You really don't need it.

Super Slick Ride

Love my Beast so much! Gets you from A to B, great speed and range. Great for travel or leisure on a nice paved trail somewhere. Added AT wheels and it tackles most streets paved halfway decent.

Better than even expected

Amazing quality i definitely recommend this one over any walmart board


Congratulations on building a will built board Halo Rover x is extreme true 800 watts so powerful and I've had all the other boards this one is more powerful just all around great board Cheers to good times!

Awesome hoverboard

Got the Halo Rover and bought a goat attachment for hoverboards and it runs great for kids and some adults highly recommend!!!!

super fun for our little one!

I bought this is as gift for our 7 year old back in January and he's used it almost every single day since then. I can't vouch for the longevity of it, but it seems solid and well built with lots of metal components. We've taken it to Savannah, GA, with us and he rode around on it throughout all of Savannah. He uses it daily on our walks with our dog and it helps to keep him entertained and engaged and it lasts a good long while. We've never run the battery down. The BT radio feature is nice - I've had it connected to my Pandora and we've had some fun times listening to some music while out and about. It's been a lot of fun and our son loves it! Great purchase.

Great work tool

I work at a wedding venue. I move lots of chairs, etc. Really saves my back. Love this board. In fact I own 2 of them and me and my men fight over them lol 😂 That's why I hae 2 more on the way.

Great gift for my daughter

My daughter’s own words “love to ride it every day. And love to ride in the grass a lot! “.
Battery charge / life excellent
Lights / audio plenty for our area
Weight-a bit heavy for her but she’ll grow stronger 😉

Game Changers!

These wheels open up a whole new world of off roading. Dirt, grass, bad pavement. You name it, they keep rolling.... 💯 Yes!

Christmas presents for my 2 grandkids

I purchased 2 Halo Boards for my 10 year old and 9 year old grandkids - they love them - they run great and everything is good! 👍 😊

I love this hoverboard

This hoverboard is so awesome, it’s everything it said it was. It’s very fast and durable your kids will love this product

Great Product

This board has given countless hours of fun to my 9 year old. Great product. Currently still in use. Very sturdy product. A pitches I do not regret.

Halo Beast
Mike Hoffman
Best Christmas Present EVER!!

This thing is bad ass! Granted it's the only one I've ever ridden, but still. I'm 55 and have been riding skateboards my whole life, and in 3rd gear at 20 mph this thing scared me at first, it's so fast. I read the manual for once and glad I did. First thing I did was drop the brake from highest to lowest power. Level 1 is plenty, 4 may have launched me. This thing is sooooo smooth. It carves like crazy and totally stable with loose trucks at 20 mph. I'm gonna get some motorcycle protective clothing and tighten the trucks a little before I get it up to full speed. It easily goes over pebbles, cracks, manhole covers, and the little edge from my street to my driveway. If you have little experience on a skateboard, do not take it above gear 2 until you are really comfortable on this Beast and wear full pads. Going down at 20 mph unprotected will shred you.

So fun so fast so cool

But this for my daughters, and I also bought some add on parts to transfer a tram. It’s so powerful and cool. Superstar in the park!

Compared to other brands. This is my fourth and it is by far the best. Considering the limitation of the obvious 2 wheels…. I have enjoyed my time on this on more than expected.

Light up the night

Too cool

Halo Beast
Larry Young

I love this new board! I also have the original Halo Board and Halo Rover. Great products. Lots of fun! (age 67)

The All terrain wheels

Best wheels for a nice smooth ride and grippy turns with no slide. Sidewalks cracks are not issue no more! But you will lose some range but its worth it for how smooth it is.

From street to cross country riding

Wow, what a difference, being able to ride just about anywhere. And so much smoother of a ride


I absolutely love this hoverboard! I always used to ride my nieces and I had to get one for myself as an adult. I will admit that the beeps and the start up sounds are a bit annoying and wish those could be turned off in the app. It is extremely durable and has taken multiple tumbles from me flying off it at max speed. Almost wish they made some rubber guards for the fender to prevent scuffing.

Overall great buy and highly recommend the product. It makes dog walking 10x easier!

Annoying sounds

The board is great with the exception of the loud beeps and Bluetooth connect voice. This may be helpful at first, when learning to ride but is very annoying months in. There should be a way to turn the sound off or at least turn it down.

Halo Beast
michael suchomel
Best electric skateboard ever

this is my third electric skateboard
my first was a Zboard SF special which i still have and then two boosted boards the last was the stealth which i really loved but only 14 mile range and at my weight of 200 Lb more like 9 miles

This Haloboard Beast Gen 2 has been a game changer I love the remote features but only flaw the power button sometimes get hit by accident but one you figure it out happens rarely im definitely getting the the wheels
regards mike in san francisco

Bought 3 Beast Boards

I have 20+ years of skating experience. Let me start with saying these boards are worth it. They definitely fulfilled their smiles per dollar value. All 3 of us bought the off road wheels as well as 2 sets of light up wheels. One red one blue. This is not a off road board. The off road wheels are nice for transitioning from road to grass and some dry dirt. They also grip The road great but did wear down pretty quickly. The off road tread was worn off within 300 miles. The low profile board will bottom out on any off road hiking/ mountain bike trail. These boards excel in a city setting above and beyond. They start to lose torque power and top speed around 500 miles. One of the boards (the most used board) battery broke around 550 miles when it was going up a hill on on a low charge. After sending the board back twice the company ended up replacing the battery for a reasonable price and all is good. The light up wheels are not for carving. They slip on pavement under medium carves but look awesome at night. When I first received my board it came with a defective/ broken bearing in the original black street wheels. I sent the company these pics and they responded saying I broke it using some sort of power tools 😂 and refused to replace it. You can see by the remote that this is my very first ride. The broken bearing heated up and completely destroyed itself along with melting the wheel. I swapped to the off road wheels and used them every time after that. After a few frustrating emails asking for a wheel replacment that they refused to replace, I ended up just buying the light up wheels instead. These boards are great. Wish the tech was more skate knowledgeable and caring. I still recommend this brand over any others.