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Excellent boards

Ridden quite a few boards, but the form and function on the beast are perfect for my missions...going to/from airport-town, making my way around the airfield, while perfectly sitting either laterally across the backseats of my R44 helicopter or vertically in a footwell. Great improvement on new style remote with remote and board batt monitoring.

Everyone loves it!

My 11 year old son, 7 year old son and even my 50 year old sister love it!!!

Super fun

My daughter loves her Rover. She uses it mostly with another company’s scooter attachment. It is extremely well built and performance is amazing. My only con is I don’t really consider it water resistant. If our rover gets the slightest amount of water on it, it goes haywire and doesn’t function until it dries out.


I've been buying electric long boards for a while so I decided to take a chance on the halo beast board and man.....you ever want to glide across pavement like Kristi Yamaguchi does on ice? Then buckle up because this baby makes you feel like a straight up work of art at a smooth 26 mph...then to top it all of I just got the all terrain wheels in today and once you regear and hit the road at about 32mph on that upgrade you might as well put on a crown and carry a scepter because baby now you're royalty...so yeah pretty good board

Best Gift

I purchased the Halo Beast Board for my son and have to say it has been the best gift! Great quality and fun!

Best Christmas Present Ever

I gave my son the Halo Beast Electric Skateboard for Christmas and he said it was the best present he’s ever received. He had a Halo Hoverboard for 3 years, but he prefers the electric skateboard. He has ridden it all over Charleston, SC and the Charlotte, NC greenway between Pineville, NC and downtown Charlotte. He loves it!! He

New remote control is awesome!

I lost my old remote and had to order a new one. To my pleasant surprise the new remote is way better than the first one! It feels just more solid and the accelerator knob is in a better position. Much better design!


I personally don't write reviews and never have so forgive me for anything out of place. First of all, The Board itself is Beast. Although the price was a little steep best purchase ever. I bought this for my 16 year old son and he loves it, rides it all day long. Doesn't ask me for rides anywhere he just, shmobs as he says. Right before Christmas the boards battery died😭. He had it well past its warranty life so didn't expect any freebies.
•Customer service - GREAT
•Technical support - GREAT
•Sales people- GREAT
•Mailroom- GREAT
I didn't not have any bad experiences with returning my board or getting it repaired. Prices were right, I tried looking at a battery makers in town and they couldn't touch there price. Overall recommend it and if it breaks they got you covered. I also think they tried rushing the process so I could get it back for Christmas. If it weren't for being a holiday it would have gotten here. Smiling from ear to ear. THANK YOU DARYLE AND EVERYONE AT HALO !! 12/26/2020

Boardwalk Crusin!

What an amazing day cruising all around Pacific and Mission Beach, down the boardwalks around the bay! I honestly couldn’t have wished for a better way to get around! I LOVE THIS BOARD! Such a romantic day, holding hands, and towing each other around. Next up some all terrain wheel for the beast!

My Addiction

Have lots of electric boards.
nothing better than my board beast! man.. i love this board with the wide trucks low profile. nothing shreds better.
gotta go go 👍
Oh.. get one , get two! powerful silent.
best e board you can get.

Amazing Board

As my first electric longboard this thing is amazing. I am always having a blast when I am on it.

Huge and smooth

These wheels are a must for this board. They’ll take you anywhere and they are the perfect balance of grip and softness

Amazing amazing experience

I bought an electric belt driven board when they first came out it was fun but the board was cumbersome. Got the beast 60 days ago it’s amazing in every way possible! Still have not gotten the balls to hit it’s top end yet. The board is crazy responsive. Great purchase

Have to Get them

I rode my halo board around for a little while on the regular/street wheels but once I got the all-terrain wheels it was a game changer. You can go on the sand, they can go in the dirt, they can go on the grass and go anywhere I want with them and it makes the board even more accessible and enjoyable!

These wheels

These wheels are epic! Id give them a 10 stars if possible.. well actually I'd give them 9 only cuz they don't have lights in them.

This board is a BEAST

I use this board to commute to work everyday in Manhattan and it is awesome!

Very powerful and super smooth ride. I would recommend this board to anyone who is in the market for an electric longboard. It is a little more on the expensive side but 100% worth it. It pays for itself if you’re not taking public transportation.


I got this for my 12 year old son. He can't get enough of it. He even dressed up as an inflatable dinosaur and rode around on it for Halloween.

One of the gyroscopes malfunctioned and we contacted Halo and they immediately put in motion efforts to fix it.

Very happy with our purchase.

Christmas Gift

Got these for my grandson's and they love them.

Awesome eboard

I've logged nearly 100 miles since I bought my Halo Board Beast 2 months ago. Acceleration is very smooth and the cruise control function makes for a great ride. Double kingpin trucks for hard carving is so much fun. Not to mention I haven't been on a skateboard in over 25 years and the different 3 speed settings made it comfortable for me learn the board and remote.


My son got on it, rode it like a pro. I got on it and rode it like a pro-ish.....eventually ;-). This board is amazing. Very sturdy and well built. Great quality materials, awesome battery life.

Simply: Awesome product! We are very satisfied.

When there's no water or snow Halo Beast is the Go!

My wife who is currently in Australia suggested I purchase an electric skateboard as they are the trend in Oz! Being a water/trick skier, wakeboarder and surfer in Houston is not fun so an eBoard seemed like a great option. So if I'm going to get an eBoard aim high! A quick Googling revealed 2 or 3 appropriate options and for some reason the Halo Beast resonated with me, especially after a couple of Youtube video reviews. Once the board was received and all-terrain wheels installed the Beast was on the road. It took maybe 2 hours to really get moving around on the board and probably another 2 hours experimenting with speed modes, upward and downwards inclines and even some "off roading" to really get at one with the Beast. Now I regularly ride this board around Houston and will do so when I move to Australia next week. I've added lights to the base to stand out at night (probably should be a purchasing option) and I think I'm set. The only problem is I'll be living close to the beach and water so the Beast may have some competition!

Best hoverboard available

I've rode several hoverboards over the last three years and the Halo Rover is the best by far! You can customize the ride to fit your level of expertise. It is very responsive, offers a smooth ride and has very respective battery life. You will not be disappointed!


This is an Amazing Halo Beast Board! Not riding a skate board since grade school, this was very simple to ride and control. I have ridden the Beast 120+ miles at the beach and it performs to perfection (e.g. no noise from motors, accelerate, brake and maneuver with ease). Had a warrantee issue with the battery. Halo service was outstanding replacing the battery returning the board within 7 days. Highly recommend this board as I’m having a blast with it! @haloboardofficial #haloboard

Sk8 The World

With all the craziness going on in the world, my girlfriend and I are so grateful to be able to get out of the house and take our boards everywhere we go no matter the terrain. Its been a blast cruising city to city and town to town on our boards, capturing all the best moments with a picture to remember all of our adventures. Thank you Halo Board for making all this possible. #haloboardbeast #beastmode #sk8theworld #shredtillyourdead #4theloveofskating #skaterboy #skatergirl #rideordie #bestelectricskate2020 #ifyoudonthaveonegogetone #🤘 #💯 #🥇 #🚻 #📸 #🌍 #🏔⛰🏕🏖🏜🏝🏞 #🌁🌉🌃🏙🌄🌅🗼🗽⛪🕌🛕🕍⛩


First off this is Best Board I've ever had (#6 so far)
Rides like a surfboard or snowboard Depending whitch foot you are steering with
Carving is insanely intuitive with the controller .......
But I Got a defective board that broke after 72 miles(Common Battery Issue) Melted some stuff. Customer Service did a full replacement and got me a new board in like 2 weeks..!!! Great Company and customer service.
Back on the road again no issues so far