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Best online purchase ever i made :)

Worth every single penny, very smooth ride, long lasting battery, very fast Board what’s why they named her (Beast)i love it.


I love my board and remote!! super easy to use and battery last forever on both!

Halo Board Beast
Noah Deutsch
The Best E Board!

I was looking for an electric longboard that had long range and fast speeds, When I came across the Halo Board I saw it had the best price for the specs and I decided to purchase it. Immediately when it arrived I brought it outside and started to ride it, It's super easy to learn and is so much fun! I've only had it for about 2 months and have well over 350 miles on it, I would completely recommend this board if your in the market for an E Board.

Best hoverboard on the market

Bought this for my 8 year old grandson. I thought he would use it with a go cart he has. But he learned within a few minutes to ride it standing up. He said it was easy.

We love it!

My daughter and I love to take the Rover out with the stroller!

Halo Board Beast
Daneishka Rosado
Great board!

I bought this board for my husband for fathers day and he absolutely loves it, he uses it to go to work all the times and run nearby errands. I definitely recommend this board to anyone who is thinking about buying it!

Halo Board Beast
Aaron Willard
Awesome Board

Great board, moves super fast but controller comes with adjustable levels to match your comfort level.

Love my board!

This board is so awesome! I’m a big snowboarder and having it keeps the stoke going all year long. Being also 43 years old I feel like a kid again

Great hoverboard for adults!

This hover is perfect for adults. I’m an Auntie who wanted to spend time doing what my niece loves to do….hoverboard. I did a lot of research to find a board that would better suit adults. This board is not only beautiful, but also very comfortable to ride! I def recommend it!

This Board is Pro!

I'm a gimbal camera operator for tv shows like America's Got Talent and American Idol. I bought the Halo Rover X to use for some of the smoothest gimbal shots possible, and for occasions when I have to track long distances with vehicles or athletic dance teams. It's been a great tool for me, and an even better way to way fun on set between the actual work.

Halo Board Beast
Jonathan Mathews
West Coast Cruising

I e been interested in E-Boarding for along time and due a market flooded with products did my homework prior to purchase. My anticipated satisfaction could never compare to the real feel enjoyment I experience every time I hop on my Halo Board. I pop in some music and the world is my poster and all the stress of the day seems floats off the edge of my fingertips carried away by the wind. Good things are worth paying for and the quality of this board does not leave you wanting.

Actually, I loved it so much I got my wife one as well and we jokingly call it our couples therapy.

Halo Board Beast
Matt gross
Halo beast

I've put 80 miles on the board in a week and a half and all I keep saying to myself is " this is dope!" .I absolutely love it! I bought cloud wheels for it and it rides sooo smooth!

Halo Board Beast
Kayla Thomason
Love this board!

I put 100 miles on this in the first month. It’s definitely worth the money. So much fun! It’s great at carving. I get lots of compliments on this board when I’m out riding it. It rides over random rocks just fine. You don’t have to worry about getting thrown off like normal skateboard wheels. Don’t hesitate on getting this!

Halo Board Beast
Holli Barber
Best gift ever!

Gave this to my husband for his birthday this year. He was never a skateboarder growing up, but he picked this up easily and instantly fell in love. Goes way faster than rental scooters and is such a fun way to get around town!

Halo Board Beast
Vincent Marquette
Halo board is a BEAST!

I love this board. My 2 buddies I ride with also have Beast boards as well. I am 300 miles in and no problems yet!
I recommend cloud wheels, they make the ride smoother.


I've had this board for a little over 2 months and put well over 100 miles on it. Sturdy, reasonably light, corners and handles really well, and is big enough for an adult to stand on comfortably. Invest in decent protection if you plan on going fast :)

Halo Board Beast
Thomas Nagel
The Beast is the BEST!!

This board takes me back to my youth. Im 55 and I have logged over 250 miles already. I feel like a kid again. Solid, fast, great range. I love it!

Halo Board Beast
Gary Westlake

I purchased my BEAST board almost a full year ago and have to say it was probably one of the best things I’ve ever bought for myself. This thing is SO powerful. I read reviews online before buying and was skeptical about just how powerful it would be and it blew me away. It flies up hills that are so steep I would have expected to have to walk up. Every time I ride it I can’t stop smiling ear to ear. If you are on the fence, I would definitely take the plunge. Beyond happy with it so far.

Halo Board Beast
Cameron Stevens
Great Board

This board is awesome. Lots of torque and great range. Cant wait to get some cloudwheels.

Halo Board Beast
Harry Keller
Funnest thing I've ever bought

The halo board beast is the most fun thing I've ever bought.. and it's very very fast. The battery really will last all day

Halo Board Beast
Mike Blazhkevich
Top tier board!!

This board is definitely amazing on range and the acceleration is good enough to keep up with competitors. Heavily recommend for its price range!

Halo Board Beast
reinaldo de medeiros
Best purchase I ever made

My kids and I
Are In love with this Halo skateboard
It’s so
Much fun,fast, easy to learn
Everyone asks us where did we get it

Halo Board Beast
Daniel Eom
Love this board

Im past 500 miles within two months and the board still runs like it is brand new! This is my favorite method of commuting everywhere…. Ride it almost everyday

Loving it!

I bought this for my fiancé for his birthday and he absolutely loves it! I can barely get him off of it. Works great, the speaker sounds great, and it’s freakin fast. Great customer service. No complaints all around

Halo Board Beast
Katelyn G
love my halo skate

It's the best, most fun thing I have bought in a very long time.