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Great hoverboard!

Our 8 year old son wanted a hoverboard for Christmas and I wanted to buy him one that had positive reviews and was safe and Halo fit our criteria. I was worried that he would have a hard time learning but within 30 minutes of practice he was riding around confidently! It’s a great sturdy board and we are really happy with it!

New Year's Eve Great Smoky Mountains

I love my halo I have COPD and with my board it makes it a lot easier to get around I can take my dogs out for walks and I can ride right beside my grandkids. I really like that I can jump off the road and it turns into an all-terrain vehicle LOL

Halo Board Beast
Zorair B.
Great Board Great Customer Service

Ive been carving up the streets since the moment I unboxed my board! Amazing and comfortable commutes to work. If you're hesitating because of the price, I’m here to tell you to stop hesitating and just buy it. Its on the pricier end but I promise its totally worth the experience. The only con (that got resolved immediately) I noticed about a month into ownership, my board began to lose its top speed and soon enough it died on me late evening on a ride home from work while on a full charge. I contacted support and was immediately followed up with Daryle from the support team. Daryle requested i take a short video of the matter and understood that this was an honest factory defect. Immediately received my prepaid label by email and sent my board for repair with just a one week turn around time! And thats during the holiday season so im pretty impressed! Extremely friendly, straight to the point service. I appreciate the fact that the team didnt cheap out and claim water damage or some off-putting response, but instead went the extra mile for their customer. Thank you Daryle! Just over two months now, but Ive done everything from holding bags of groceries on this board, zooming to work, speedwobbling, visiting relatives etc etc etc. i zoomed by a biker the other day and hears him cry out “now thats just cheating” with a chuckle. I’ve pushed a longboard for about 10 years now, so I think I deserve to treat myself to this investment. I have my eye on those cloud wheels. Coming back soon!

Super Durable. Kiddos Love it

I have had this hoverboard for a few years now. My youngest son abuses it and it still runs like a champ. Battery still works pretty good after a ton of charges. I notice it drains a little faster now but they get some good use out of it before it starts tonbeep.

Fun family board!

I whip around the neighborhood on my Halo board and even take my kids for a ride!

Halo Board Beast
Lulu Flores
So much fun!

My son absolutely loves his Halo Board! He loves riding it. He says it's so smooth on the road, holds its charge, and the wheels were easy to swap out. We're super happy with our purchase!

Love it!

Great hoverboard, easy to learn how to ride, Bluetooth speakers and great app compatability!

Loving this Rover Board

This is the best hoverboard to get. It was able to take my 240lbs weight and have me cruise swiftly while enjoying my music from one of it's features. I'm so loving it...

Halo Rover X

This thing is the real deal! The kids ride it everywhere. Even 210 lbs Dad rides it no problem. Great battery life as well! Couldn't be happier with this purchase.

Perfect Birthday Gift

My son loves his hoverboard, I'm so glad we bought it.
I'm going to buy one for my 7 year daughter for Xmas!

Best online purchase ever i made :)

Worth every single penny, very smooth ride, long lasting battery, very fast Board what’s why they named her (Beast)i love it.


I love my board and remote!! super easy to use and battery last forever on both!

Halo Board Beast
Noah Deutsch
The Best E Board!

I was looking for an electric longboard that had long range and fast speeds, When I came across the Halo Board I saw it had the best price for the specs and I decided to purchase it. Immediately when it arrived I brought it outside and started to ride it, It's super easy to learn and is so much fun! I've only had it for about 2 months and have well over 350 miles on it, I would completely recommend this board if your in the market for an E Board.

Best hoverboard on the market

Bought this for my 8 year old grandson. I thought he would use it with a go cart he has. But he learned within a few minutes to ride it standing up. He said it was easy.

We love it!

My daughter and I love to take the Rover out with the stroller!

Halo Board Beast
Daneishka Rosado
Great board!

I bought this board for my husband for fathers day and he absolutely loves it, he uses it to go to work all the times and run nearby errands. I definitely recommend this board to anyone who is thinking about buying it!

Halo Board Beast
Aaron Willard
Awesome Board

Great board, moves super fast but controller comes with adjustable levels to match your comfort level.

Love my board!

This board is so awesome! I’m a big snowboarder and having it keeps the stoke going all year long. Being also 43 years old I feel like a kid again

Great hoverboard for adults!

This hover is perfect for adults. I’m an Auntie who wanted to spend time doing what my niece loves to do….hoverboard. I did a lot of research to find a board that would better suit adults. This board is not only beautiful, but also very comfortable to ride! I def recommend it!

This Board is Pro!

I'm a gimbal camera operator for tv shows like America's Got Talent and American Idol. I bought the Halo Rover X to use for some of the smoothest gimbal shots possible, and for occasions when I have to track long distances with vehicles or athletic dance teams. It's been a great tool for me, and an even better way to way fun on set between the actual work.

Halo Board Beast
Jonathan Mathews
West Coast Cruising

I e been interested in E-Boarding for along time and due a market flooded with products did my homework prior to purchase. My anticipated satisfaction could never compare to the real feel enjoyment I experience every time I hop on my Halo Board. I pop in some music and the world is my poster and all the stress of the day seems floats off the edge of my fingertips carried away by the wind. Good things are worth paying for and the quality of this board does not leave you wanting.

Actually, I loved it so much I got my wife one as well and we jokingly call it our couples therapy.

Halo Board Beast
Matt gross
Halo beast

I've put 80 miles on the board in a week and a half and all I keep saying to myself is " this is dope!" .I absolutely love it! I bought cloud wheels for it and it rides sooo smooth!

Halo Board Beast
Kayla Thomason
Love this board!

I put 100 miles on this in the first month. It’s definitely worth the money. So much fun! It’s great at carving. I get lots of compliments on this board when I’m out riding it. It rides over random rocks just fine. You don’t have to worry about getting thrown off like normal skateboard wheels. Don’t hesitate on getting this!

Halo Board Beast
Holli Barber
Best gift ever!

Gave this to my husband for his birthday this year. He was never a skateboarder growing up, but he picked this up easily and instantly fell in love. Goes way faster than rental scooters and is such a fun way to get around town!

Halo Board Beast
Vincent Marquette
Halo board is a BEAST!

I love this board. My 2 buddies I ride with also have Beast boards as well. I am 300 miles in and no problems yet!
I recommend cloud wheels, they make the ride smoother.