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Halo Board Beast
Erik Radcliffe
Best board ever!!!

I recently purchased a Beast with A/T wheels and I cannot say enough good stuff about this board. I upgraded from carbon fiber edition of Gen 2 and I loved that board other than the vibrations sent through the board to my feet. Now that I have my beast I am in skaters heaven. So smooth and fluid and the double king pin trucks allow for sharp, quick turns and carving. Completely satisfied with this purchase!!!

Happy boy

He loves his board

Halo Board Beast
Misty Coffelt

I bought this as a gift for my best friend and she loves it! Super smooth ride and it feels like flying!

An absolute animal!!1000mile+ review!

I've had this board for 4/5 months now,changed my life!I've gone over 1,000 miles in less then half a year,use it to work everyday I can and to do all my shopping!!my girlfriend who has NEVER STOOD ON A BOARD went 18pmh,she will be buying one haba.and has been ok with a little rain but DO NOT RIDE into puddles!not covered by warranty

Immediately you'll be able to tell by the quality that this thing means business,built like a tank!very solid double kingpin trucks and the wheels are awesome
Gear 1-14 max mph, I've gone 30 miles but I try to push up any hill I get too have done 23 before it dies no pushing
Gear 2-22 max mph,I like to shred so batter usually lasts me anywhere from 14 to 18
Gear 3-32 max mph,though now I can only get 28 mph top speed for some reason,ive gotten as far as 7 to 11 miles before the battery dies using only 3rd gear.ussually drop under 25% by 6th mile
All around great board and I am looking forward to purchasing the next board they make!!if you wanna ride to work no problem,no parking,no traffic,no bs.get this with some shred lights!you will not regret it!

All that being said I am having problems with the right wheel it is only working after 6 8 miles an hour for somereason I will be sending it back to get worked on,I ride very aggressive I've skated since 2002 so it has nothing to do with the build quality I'm surprised after 1100 miles to have only 1 thing go wrong!! I put this thing to work,amazing board GET IT,take care of it!!

We love this!!

Best hoverboard! My kids love riding it and so do I!

We love our blue hoverboard!!

Fun for the kids and the adults! We love it so much we bought a second one!

Awesome Hoverboard!

We love it! It works great!! Hours of fun!

Halo Board Beast
Matt Dabney

I absolutely love my board. I have over 200 miles on it already and am so happy I went with Halo!! I also bought the blue led wheels and they are sick as hell!!! Wish the off road wheels were in stock!...

Halo Board Beast
Erik Beck
This Board is Awesome

This Board is awesome. I bought it for my son initially, and he loves it. So I tried it, and I love it. I'm 45 years old and it is a blast. Im ordering mine really soon. The picture is me riding it in our neighborhood

Halo Board Beast
Darin Robinson
Should have pulled the trigger months ago

Smooth acceleration and great handling. Definitely upgrade to the Cloud Wheels. Buy them direct from CloudWheel if Halo is still out of em. Lots of fun and solid power for long rides. 20-22 miles per charge with 120mm wheels.✌🏽✌🏽

Halo Board Beast
Justice Nicholson
My first board is a great one

Love the beast. Fast speed, high power, and long range. This thing will destroy no matter where you live. Definitely recommend the off-road wheels.

Halo Board Beast
Val Molis
Game changer

I weight 250lbs and this beast has no problem with my weight. This beast is worth every penny.

Halo Board Beast
Sara Tuohy
My husband loves it!

My husband couldn’t be happier with his board. This is the 5th electric board I have bought him and it is by far has been the best yet. Most brands break, need frequent repairs, or the company goes under in a year or two. Definitely recommend!

Halo Board Beast
Ashton M.
So much fun!

Haven’t been on a board in literally decades and bought a skateboard on whim and quickly wanted to upgrade to an electric. The Beast is the answer. Big, stable, easy to turn and I am building confidence. I haven’t gotten it out of first gear yet but you can have lots of fun up to 15 mph around the neighborhood. Got the all terrain wheels and recommend them. Just rode down to town to get an espresso. Wear protective gear and enjoy.

Halo Board Beast
Thomas Langstaff
Best board I’ve used

This board is hands down the best longboard I’ve ever tried. It has nearly no sound! Incredibly smooth ride, carving is amazing. Cruise control is genius and keeps me at the same speed regardless of going up hills or flat ground. The battery last a ridiculous amount of ride time and the regenerative brakes are a life saver! Even riding it as a regular longboard without electricity is a dream! If you are thinking of getting this board I’d recommend it. Definitely worth the price. I ended up paying an extra 700 dollars to get it to Canada. Still worth the cost for the fun I’ve had. Honestly life changing decision. Be safe! Wear a helmet. Have the time of your life’s going anywhere! Just do it! Impulse buy this. :)


I love this Hoverboard! My kids love taking it for a spin, and with the different drive modes it’s very easy to jump around to each mode with the app. Rides great off-roading, very quick.

Nice wheels

People like the board and wheels....if you don't have smooth tar or cement, they are a must really.

Amazing product

Best Quality ever. Dedicated app. Fast and really an all terrain vehicule. Highly recommended for the whole family.

My boy (and family) love it!

He started slow and has gotten better and better! Nice hardware!!!

No buyers remorse here

I let this board sit in my cart for a few weeks before I finally pulled the trigger. Worth every penny! Easy to learn and a very comfortable ride. I’ve had mine for about a month and already put 100 miles on it!

Best and toughest board on the market

Our son absolutely loved his Halo Rover X he got for his birthday. The construction quality is excellent. I know this because my son was ensuring his friends were buckled up and forgot he left his Halo in the parking lot. He then proceeded to back up over it with his diesel truck. He was so disappointed and is currently working and saving money for the exact came Halo Rover X. I've included a pic of the parts I salvaged because they are so well made and you never know! Even the axles are still straight after being run over by a Dodge 2500. Thanks for making such an outstanding product.

Best Halo board ever!!!

Best Halo board ever for my kids.

Best Halo board ever!!!

Best Halo board ever for my kids.

Great halo board! Think my young adults (children) forgot how to walk they are used so much.