Halo Board Beast All-Terrain Wheels - Halo Board
Halo Board Beast All-Terrain Wheels - Halo Board

Halo Board Beast All-Terrain Wheels

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*Compatible with both Halo Board Beast Gen 1 and Halo Board Beast Gen 2.*

All-Terrain Wheel Set for Halo Board Beast

  • Set of 4 Wheels
  • 120mm Wheel Size
  • 76A Wheel Hardness
  • Includes 8 Bearings & 4 Spacers

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
michael S Hickerson
Awesome AT wheels

I have been riding the new AT wheels on my Beast for 2 months….very impressed as they grip, never slide out, and give a cushioned smoother ride. I’ve been skateboarding for over 50 years and love my board! Tearing up the bike paths in Sun Valley, Idaho at 70 years old! 👍😎

Alexander Fuselier
Great board, will need maintenance

So far I love my board. It has worked well and held up. My only concerns are with things like the screws. So far, I have lost a screw to keep my bottom plate on and I feel that shouldn’t happen after only 60 days. Also my truck screws have already needed to be tightened too. Finally, the all terrain wheels didn’t have any directions and took a while to figure out. All in all though, if you can keep on top of things like these then it’s a great board that has held up well

Great Upgrade!

Decided to try out the AT wheels after about 1 year of riding with the street wheels. Haven’t took the all terrain wheels off since putting them on. Great for riding on sidewalks and rough roads.

Nick DOraz
An absolute animal!!1000mile+ review!

I've had this board for 4/5 months now,changed my life!I've gone over 1,000 miles in less then half a year,use it to work everyday I can and to do all my shopping!!my girlfriend who has NEVER STOOD ON A BOARD went 18pmh,she will be buying one haba.and has been ok with a little rain but DO NOT RIDE into puddles!not covered by warranty

Immediately you'll be able to tell by the quality that this thing means business,built like a tank!very solid double kingpin trucks and the wheels are awesome
Gear 1-14 max mph, I've gone 30 miles but I try to push up any hill I get too have done 23 before it dies no pushing
Gear 2-22 max mph,I like to shred so batter usually lasts me anywhere from 14 to 18
Gear 3-32 max mph,though now I can only get 28 mph top speed for some reason,ive gotten as far as 7 to 11 miles before the battery dies using only 3rd gear.ussually drop under 25% by 6th mile
All around great board and I am looking forward to purchasing the next board they make!!if you wanna ride to work no problem,no parking,no traffic,no bs.get this with some shred lights!you will not regret it!

All that being said I am having problems with the right wheel it is only working after 6 8 miles an hour for somereason I will be sending it back to get worked on,I ride very aggressive I've skated since 2002 so it has nothing to do with the build quality I'm surprised after 1100 miles to have only 1 thing go wrong!! I put this thing to work,amazing board GET IT,take care of it!!

mark solie
Nice wheels

People like the board and wheels....if you don't have smooth tar or cement, they are a must really.

Joel Johnson
Halo All Terrain Wheels

Epic wheels! They have great grip and it’s nice to be able to roll over bumps and small cracks with ease and confidence!! They look stylish as well!

David Hess
Adrenaline Dream

500 miles in and having a blast. Anytime I need an escape I just jump on my board. Worth every penny! Snowboarding on concrete 😎

Matthew Peacock
Awesome board and the AT tires were a perfect upgrade

I’ve put over 120 miles on the board in 2 months. Thought it was great before the AT wheels came in. I ride some rough asphalt and cracked concrete, the AT wheels roll it with ease. Halo has it dialed in!

Daniel Pollard
Talk about an upgrade!!

I've loved my halo board from day one and I thought it couldn't get any better. I ended up purchasing the all terrain wheels and it blew my mind I can cut across grass the board handles dirt and anything I've put it through. Its definitely worth the money 10/10

James bertram
Can't "beast" the ride

With the all-terrain wheels, this ride Can't be beat. Road 200 miles over summer and still going strong. Just waiting for warmer days. Kids love riding it with me as well!