The Next Generation of the Halo Board

We are proud to introduce the Halo Board Electric Skateboard!

The new Halo Board

The Halo Board skateboard incorporates a unique Double Drive Motors with hill crushing combined power of 3000 Watts. Unlike many other top electric skateboards on the market, the Halo Board is the only board on that is made of 100% T700 Japanese carbon fiber for such an incredibly low price!

The Halo longboard has a sleek design that establishes an aero dynamic advantage compared to other boards. The utilization of the carbon on the Halo skateboard makes the board weigh a mere 14.75 pounds. The Halo Board also stands out with its regenerative braking. Charge up your board as you ride downhills to extend your ride ever further! What’s more is that the Halo Electric Skateboard utilizes the ergonomic Bluetooth Halo Remote that fits perfectly and comfortably into the palms of your hands. With it you can easily accelerate, brake, and switch into reverse.

The Halo Board electric skateboard also takes safety as a priority concern when it comes to its design. The Halo Board comes with the utilization of UL certified chargers as well as a 7AH FireSafe Lithium Ion Battery Cells. These high end battery cells extend the battery life of the Halo skateboard to a range of up to 12 miles per charge (or even longer in the Speed Mode I). These innovations are what make the Halo Board electric skateboard to be ranked Best Electric Skateboard 2024 -

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