Top Electric Skateboard

Halo Board Electric Skateboard

Halo Board Electric Skateboard

The top electric longboard available to date, the Halo Board is a masterpiece of high tech and old school.  It is the lightest and thinnest electric skateboard on the market with an impressive 22 mph top speed and 12 mile range.  It also boasts a 100% Carbon Fiber frame and body.

What makes the Halo Board the best electric skateboard of 2024?

  • Incredibly light electric skateboard for its speed and range at only 14.75 lbs.
  • High power output dual electric hub motors that give you up to 3000 watts of zoom.
  • A range of 12 miles to be more than just a first mile last mile transport.
  • All-in-one design that hides the batteries inside the body for a stealthy look.

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