Why is the Halo Electric Skateboard the Next Big Thing?

The intricate engineering required to make the Halo Electric Skateboard a reality has been the Halo Board team's area of absolute focus and passion for years. Turning this new generation of the Halo Board into the strongest, lightest, and most efficient electric skateboard was the result of extensive research, perseverance, and innovation. The trailblazing full carbon fiber body makes the Halo Board electric skateboard one of a kind. The strength of the carbon fiber weave in the Halo skateboard means individuals of up to 286 pounds can ride the board with ease, without having to worry about structural issues as is common with some of our competitors.

The Halo Board skateboard strives to be the best and leave all other boards in the dust. With speeds that go up to 22mph and a 12-mile range per charge, you never need to worry about not getting where you need to be. This isn’t a 'first mile, last mile' kind of board – this is the whole damn trip. The power output of the 3000-watt dual motors allows the Halo electric skateboard to power up and over 25-degree hill grades, while its regenerative E-ABS system will safely slow your descent. The Halo longboard utilizes custom-made aluminum trucks along with 83mm wheels with 78A softness to absorb the impact and rumble of rougher roads. This combination of speed, style, comfort, and attention to detail is what made the Halo Board the Best Electric Skateboard 2024. If you don’t believe us, just check out the Halo Board Electric Skateboard reviews!

The Halo skateboard is the next generation of electric skateboards. What are you waiting for? Get yours now - https://www.haloboard.com/collections/store/products/haloboard

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