Electric Board

The newest and hottest form of cruising and getting around town, electric boards and skateboards, like the all new Halo Board, are changing the rules on how to beat traffic. If you're wondering which electric skateboard to go with, the Halo Board is one of the best on the market.

If You Are Looking to Buy an Electric Skateboard

The Halo Board is a new spin on a classic favorite, ditching the old school wood to add a never before seen, full carbon fiber frame.  The Halo Board is the new king in electric skateboards, using some of the most cutting edge technologies to create the lightest, thinnest, and best electric boards on the market.

The Halo Board company pulled out all the stops when designing the all-new Halo Skateboard is controlled using an ergonomically shaped Bluetooth Halo remote that pairs with a single board at a time, ensuring there is no rider interference when cruising with multiple friends. The Halo Remote uses and easy to use joystick to control your acceleration and braking. And, with just a click of the joystick, the Halo Board can switch from forward to reverse drive.

All this technology and capability comes packaged in one of the sleekest and eye catching designs on the market. If you want to cruise around town in style, the Halo Board is electric skateboard for you.