What Do Halo Board Reviews Say?

As word has traveled fast and far about our brand new Halo Board electric skateboard, we know most of you are itching to find out what it’s like to ride one.  An experience like no other, Halo Board reviewers said it feels like you’re floating, surfing, and snowboarding all rolled into one.  On concrete.

Be prepared to carve, cut and shred through the streets in a sensation that’s said to feel like “riding deep powder, but you can still carve like no tomorrow”. The Halo Board is able to pick up the tiniest riding movements giving you complete control over the electric skateboard. Be prepared to fly at speeds that will have the wind slapping a smile on your face, as our users can tell you that, “man this thing goes stupid fast!”

If adrenaline is what you want, adrenaline is are what you’ll get. This high performance electric skateboard definitely packs in the tech to make the future feel like it’s finally here. “It’s so weird and awesome to not only ride downhill but uphill that fast!”  Halo Board reviews have said that it feels like you’re flying and the speeds are intense! The Halo Board company believes that quality is always key, so check out all of our products at https://www.haloboard.com/.  Or better yet, follow us on Instagram where we feature the top videos our riders post!

Now, don’t get me wrong, there definitely is a learning curve. If you've never been on a skateboard before, do expect to take some time getting used keeping your balance and shifting your weight when you accelerate or brake. Most riders pick it up pretty quick, and once you get going... you'll never see skateboards in the same way again.


This is the Halo Board.  This is the future.  If you want an experience like no other, you’ve found it.

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