Halo Board Wheels
Halo Board Wheels - Halo Board
Halo Board Wheels - Halo Board
Halo Board Wheels - Halo Board

Halo Board Wheels

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Please contact our support team to place an order for your rear motor wheels.

If you've been riding hard and you've worn out your Halo Board's wheels, pick up a new set of Phantom Black wheels here.

Replacement wheels do not include bearings, spacers, or hardware.

Customer Reviews

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Replacement tires identical to originals

The original wheels worked flawlessly for street carving. Only issue I have with Haloboard wheels is there is no option for AT tires which I feel should be a top priority for the company at the moment. These wheels here are outstanding for carving but they resound every little pebble, stone and crack in the sidewalk up through the trucks and into the deck - not to mention my spine. The cracks in the sidewalk are hell on carbon fiber decks, I have already lost one to the sidewalk cracks and from what I read in others' reviews I am not by any means the only one. Having the option to purchase AT tires would be an absolute game changer, and as another reviewer put it - suspension trucks would be a nice to have. Actually, I am scoping out buying another esk8, one with the AT wheels and the trucks just mentioned as I don't want to trash my Haloboard as what is happening on a daily basis currently - I don't want to lose another deck!

Anyways, sorry for getting side tracked, I was just voicing my opinion on something that I see as a major concern to myself and other Haloboard owners. As for these wheels they kick ass for what they are intended for! Would give it four stars for not having the AT option BUT since this is a review solely of these tires I must grade it like I see it - 5 stars. Well done Haloboard

They are good but need to buy a spare

Wheels are goods. Would like diff multi colors too.

Replacement Wheels FTW!

Thanks to the tutorial on YouTube, I was able to easily replace the front and back wheels of my Halo Board. I will say this: be careful when removing the barrel head hex screws - I stripped one and had to resort to the drill / star / tap method to remove it.

Halo Electric Longboard Drive Wheels

These Halo Electric Longboard Drive Wheels were easy to replace and came quickly after ordering. They are thin and do not provide much dampening of vibration while riding over rough surfaces. I replaced them after getting tears in the previous pair. Hope I can get thicker pair, hybrid wheel, or suspension trucks for this board in the future. : )

Wheel replacements

Got the wheels in a officiant time sent. The video on the website showed me how to replace the wheels and made it very easy

Glad to hear it was an easy change.