Halo Board vs Boosted Board

Which Electric Skateboard is Best For You?

We want our customers to receive the best quality boards and products they can without breaking the bank. So, if you’re in the market for a new electric skateboard, you’re probably asking yourself whether you should go with the all-new Halo Board 2 or the Boosted Board Gen 2. Find out which board is best for you - Halo or Boosted?

Halo Board Electric Skateboard Boosted Board
Range Up to 12 Miles Up to 7 Miles
Weight 14 Lbs 15.6 Lbs
Power 3000 W 2000 W
Deck Carbon Fiber Bamboo
Hill Climb Up to 25% Up to 25%
Top Speed 22 MPH 22 MPH
Price $947 $1199

Design & Style

The Halo Board 2 was designed top to bottom with aesthetics in mind. Powerful yet quiet motors, long-range battery, tucked battery, all packed inside a thin, lightweight, carbon fiber body - there are no bulky battery packs or external motors and belts. At first glance you would never know the Halo Board was an electric skateboard. With the Boosted Board’s external batteries and motors, you frequently run the risk of scraping the battery casing and motors on bumps, and if you weigh around 200 lbs you’ll need raisers for your trucks to help mitigate the damage.

Halo Board 2
Slim Body
Hidden Battery
In-Hub Motors

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Boosted Board

Slim Body
External Battery
External Motors/Belts


What’s better than having the best electric skateboard to speed and carve around town?
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