Best Hoverboards of 2024

A hoverboard is a self-balancing transportation device that consists of a standing board with two wheels. The surface of the board contains two pads, one for each foot. To control the speed of the board, the user tilts forward or back. The device, which runs on batteries, is easy to steer with a right or left twist of the pads. In a sense, the hoverboard is like an electronic, side-turned skateboard.

The device in its present form hit the market in 2014 and was first manufactured in China. The hoverboard gained quick popularity, as celebrities such as Jamie Foxx, Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa and Kendall Jenner endorsed various models of the new device. During 2016, consumers purchased half a million hoverboards in the United States.

The term "hoverboard" dates back to M. K. Joseph's 1967 sci-fi novel The Hole in the Zero. In 1989, the concept came to the big screen in the action/comedy Back to the Future Part II, in which Marty McFly — Michael J. Fox — rides what appears to be a floating, electric skateboard. When the movie came to theaters in 1989, the fictional device portrayed an anticipation of 2015 technology. As such, the realization of the hoverboard has been a prophecy fulfilled — though, of course, modern hoverboards don't defy gravity.

Top 5 Hoverboards on the Market

The last few years have seen several different hoverboards hit the market. So what is the best hoverboard for 2024? See for yourself with the following hoverboard reviews.

1. Official Halo Rover X Hoverboard 8.5"

One of the best hoverboards for 2024 is the Rover X — an 8.5-inch-tire self-balancing electric scooter that runs on an 800-watt power motor. Equipped with Bluetooth speakers, this unique and state-of-the-art hoverboard supports the Halo Rover mobile app. The Rover X can perform for up to two hours on a single battery-charge cycle, for which a UL-certified charger comes included with the purchase.

Supporting three training levels, the Rover X is an ideal board for beginner, intermediate and advanced hoverboard enthusiasts. With rugged tires, protective wings and ride-assist technology, the Rover X keeps riders safely balanced regardless of irregularities along a given riding terrain. Sporting icy LED headlights, the Rover X Hoverboard by Halo Board is available in black, blue, white and pink models.

Enthusiasts of the sport also value this unique hoverboard for its exceptional power efficiency and stylish look. The Halo Rover X can serve as a hip pedestrian transportation scooter on suburban streets and city promenades and also be a sporting device on playgrounds and wide-open spaces. For people who have long awaited for the future depicted in Back to the Future Part II to arrive, it finally has with the Halo Rover X.

2. Official Halo Rover Hoverboard 8.5"

Another one of the best hoverboards for outdoors fun and sport is the Rover Hoverboard by Halo Board. Like the Rover X, the Rover is an 8.5-inch-tire hoverboard that comes in black, blue, white and pink models. Equipped with Bluetooth speakers and the Halo Rover mobile app, the water-resistant Rover features indestructible tires, protective halo wings and LED headlights.

The Rover's 800-watt electric motor gets its power from a UL 2271-certified LG lithium-ion battery. Built for a full range of skill levels, the 32-pound Halo Rover can travel two hours per charge cycle at speeds of 10 miles per hour.

The Halo Rover is an attractive hoverboard on which users can develop their skills and advance from amateur to pro in good time with reasonable practice. The different color options make the Rover adaptable to numerous looks and styles. Younger users enjoy the Rover for sporting, play and transportation to and from school and social activities.

3. Official Halo Rover S Hoverboard 6.5"

A smaller option with most of the same features as its larger-wheeled counterparts is the Halo Rover S, which features 6.5-inch tires and a vibrant blue frame. Powered with a 500-watt electric motor, this water-resistant hoverboard can travel up to 12.5 miles on a single battery charge at speeds of up to nine miles per hour.

For the aspiring hoverboard rider, the Halo Rover S offers comfortable rides along smooth as well as gravelly terrains, regardless of whether you ride flat planes or up and down 15-degree inclines and declines. Sporting a lithium-ion battery, the Rover S features LED headlights, protective wings, Bluetooth speakers and the Halo Rover mobile app.

Equipped for smooth rides, the Halo Rover S is a relatively easy hoverboard for young users who wish to practice the sport in gymnasiums and out on courts and playgrounds, where they can use the scooter to learn all kind of fancy riding moves.

4. Halo Go 2 Hoverboard 6.5"

Out of the top 10 hoverboards of 2024, one of the more compact options is the 6.5-inch-tire Halo Go 2, which comes in Chrome Blue, Chrome Pink and Chrome Gold models. With its shatter-resistant shell, flat-proof tires and guarded board, the Halo Go 2 is a durable hoverboard that offers maximum safety for riders aged 7 and older.

Sporting LED lights and a 500-watt power motor that runs on a lithium-ion battery, the Halo Go 2 will go nonstop for 90 minutes between recharging at speeds of up to nine miles per hour. Designed to offer smooth rides, the Halo Go 2 by Halo Board also comes with Bluetooth speakers.

For all the little folks out there, the Halo Go 2 comes equipped with child-friendly features and protections that make the learning experience of hoverboards easy and fun. For protection against electrical issues, the unit is specially designed to prevent battery overcharge and discharge. Moreover, the scooter is fireproof, water-resistant and stabilized with pedals that prevent slips.

The Go 2 is a practical option that allows beginner hoverboard users to develop a knack for the sport. With its simple design and basic features, the Halo Go 2 is easy to ride and understand. Small children can learn to hoverboard with confidence in complete safety on the Halo Go 2.

What Sets Halo Hoverboards Apart

All hoverboards by Halo Board come with a uniform set of safety features, training modes and performance capabilities.

UL 2271-Certified LG Ion Battery

Halo Rover hoverboards get their power from the fire-safe UL 2271-certified LG ion battery, which allows riders to practice and travel over wet and dry terrain alike with no fear of fire issues.

Training Modes

The training modes feature is also a prime attraction of all Halo Board hoverboards. With the training modes of beginner, normal and advanced, people at all skill levels can enjoy Halo hoverboards. Whether you are stepping onto a hoverboard for the first time or doing moves and turns like a seasoned pro, you can do so safely and with ease on Halo's smooth-riding hoverboards.

800-Watt Dual Motors

Another robust feature of the Halo hoverboard is its powerful motor that allows users to travel at top speeds. The Halo Rover, for example, gets its power from dual 800-watt motors that can go at speeds of up to 10 miles per hour. Moreover, the Rover can get more than two hours of running time during each battery-charge cycle. For people who opt to travel to work or school and back each day without cars or public transportation, the Halo hoverboard is a powerful and efficient alternative.

Rugged Tires

One of the most important features of a hoverboard is the tires. To deliver a smooth and safe ride along a given terrain, the tires must maintain contact with the ground regardless of irregularities. With Halo hoverboards, you can ride safely over bumpy roads and sidewalks, gravelly roads, dirt-laden stretches, grassy lands and puddles. Best of all, the tires on Halo hoverboards never go flat.

Ride-Assist Technology

Halo Board also produces the safest hoverboards on the market, thanks to ride-assist technology, which ensures each board remains upright at all times. Whether you ride over a bump, go up an incline or make a sharp turn, Halo hoverboards stay upright for the entire time the board is on and actively in use. When it comes to safety across the irregularities of a given terrain, ride-assist technology prevents instances of balance loss.

Protective Wings

Halo hoverboards are also largely damage-proof thanks to the design of the aluminum protective wings. On the Halo Rover, the wings absorb the impact of falls. They prevent the hoverboard from getting cracked, split or otherwise damaged whenever you are outside riding the Rover aggressively along bumpy or twisty roads and pathways.

Halo Rover Mobile App

Another feature that makes Halo Board hoverboards optimal for today's scooting enthusiast is the Halo Rover mobile app, which allows you to control the board at your fingertips. With the Halo Rover app, you can track the speed at which you ride and also keep an eye on the battery life. Moreover, the app lets you record the distances you travel and can also map each ride from start to finish. With the Halo mobile app, you don't have to reach for control switches or worry about whether your battery is about to run out of energy.

Halo Bluetooth Speakers

With Halo hoverboards, you can also enjoy music on the go thanks to the built-in Halo Bluetooth speakers, which connect with music apps and allow you to stream any music of your choice. Whether you load your smartphone with music files or stream via Wi-Fi, you can fill each riding adventure with crystal-clear musical sounds.

UL 2272 and UL 2271 Certification

As a Halo customer, you get the added security of knowing all Halo hoverboards are U.S. consumer safety certified. The manufacturer has tested each model across all types of terrain and riding conditions, and has received UL 2272 — hoverboard — and UL 2271 — battery — safety certifications.

Halo Hoverboard Accessories

Even the best hoverboard can use accessories. For Halo hoverboards, the following items make worthwhile purchases — some of which come with Halo boards, but which you can also purchase separately.

UL-Certified Halo Rover and Halo Go 2 Charger

Halo Rover and Go 2 hoverboards come with the UL-certified power-supply unit charger, which charges the Li-ion battery that comes with each Rover and Go 2 board with up to two hours of energy. The charger works with the Halo Rover, Rover X, Rover S and Go 2 models.

The unit charger comes with a power-supply adapter and three-pronged connector and works with U.S. AC plugs. Unit chargers are also available for separate purchase.

Halo Rover Carry Case

The Halo Rover carry case provides a convenient way to store your hoverboard when you're not using it. If you hoverboard to work, but prefer not to carry your Halo Rover through the office building, you can slide it into the case. Likewise, if you hoverboard into town to shop and run errands, you can stow your Halo Rover in the carry case when you stop for a bite to eat.

The Halo Rover carry case, which features a shoulder strap and dual zippers, fits the Halo Rover, Rover Racer and Rover X hoverboards. There is also the lightweight Halo Go black carry bag for Halo Go hoverboards.

Halo Board Remote

Enclosed with textured polycarbonate, this lightweight device allows you to activate your Halo hoverboard remotely. The device, which is available in first- and second-generation models, comes with Halo boards, but you can also purchase it separately in case you lose or damage the original.

Buy a Hoverboard From Halo Board

If you are wondering where to buy a hoverboard, look no further than Halo Board. From the start, Halo has been at the forefront of hoverboard innovation. Our Halo Rover and Go 2 boards offer the best in tire strength, travel mileage and battery-charge duration, not to mention rider comfort, balance and safety.

With the best hoverboards for sale on today's market, you are sure to find a hoverboard in the Halo Board inventory that will keep you riding for years to come. Check out our catalog of hoverboards today.