Best Electric Skateboard

Today's electric skateboards are capable of a lot. They're a ton of fun, but they're not just toys. They're also practical, reliable options for commuting or otherwise getting around. One thing's for sure — whether you want a board for your morning commute, you just want to cruise around, or you're a bit of a speed demon, you want the best in your electric skateboard.

There's one board that's consistently rated as the best electric skateboard — the Halo Board 2. The board is packed full of high-tech features, has top-notch power and handling and is made with a durable yet lightweight construction. Read on to learn more about why both critics and riders speak so highly of the Halo Board 2.

Features and Specs

The Halo Board 2 has all the specifications needed to get the job done, plus plenty of exciting features that make the board stand out from the competition. The features and specifications of the Halo Board 2 make it a leader in the electric longboard space and ensure that your ride is exceptionally powerful, smooth and safe as well as easy to control. Here's how Halo does it.

  1. Speed and Power

    The heart of the Halo Board 2 is its dual in-hub motors, which power the board. They have a combined 3,000 watts of power, yet they're extremely quiet and smooth due to their brushless design. The design of the motors provides minimal rolling resistance, so you can still kick-push the board without the motors if needed.

    So, what kinds of capabilities does this power get you? The board has top speeds of approximately 22 miles per hour (mph) and can easily tackle a 25 percent hill grade. The board has two speed modes — regular and beast mode — so you can more easily control your speed.

    The board also features a sophisticated torque management acceleration algorithm and smooth yet powerful braking that helps ensure a stable ride, even if you're not an especially experienced longboard rider.

  2. Charging

    The board can go 12 miles without needing a charge, plenty for most riding scenarios. It features a Firesafe 7Ah LG Lithium-Ion Battery and comes with UL certified charger. You can get a full charge in three hours. The Halo Board 2 also features an innovative regenerative braking charging feature that recharges your battery every time you hit the brakes.

  3. Construction and Size

    The Halo Board 2nd Edition is made of 100 percent Japanese T700 Carbon Fiber that's both extremely strong and lightweight. The board weighs in at just 14 pounds (lbs) and can handle a weight of 286 lbs. The deck is 36 inches long, the wheelbase is 27 inches, and the aluminum trucks have a 9.25-inch width. The board features 83-millimeter (mm) Halo Street Wheels, which have a durometer — or hardness — rating of 78a. The board also features a carry handle at the top of the board to make transportation easier, but it's light enough that you can comfortably carry it under your arm if you prefer.

  4. Digital Remote

    You control the Halo Board 2 with the 2nd generation digital remote, which is powered by Bluetooth. The remote has a new sturdier, ergonomic design and a joystick controller that you push forward to accelerate and pull back on to brake. You can also use the remote to switch between going forward and going in reverse and switch between the board's two speed modes.

    The remote also features a small LCD screen that displays your speed, board battery life, remote battery life and remote signal strength.

Why is the Halo Board 2 the Best Electric Skateboard?

When you combine the Halo Board 2's capabilities, features, construction, design and other aspects, you get the best electric skateboard of 2023. Time and time again, users rate the board as a leader in the e-board space — and for good reason. Here are the attributes that make this board stand out from its competitors.

  1. Design

    The first thing you'll likely notice about the Halo Board 2 is its sleek design. It comes in a stylish black and gray, has a thin body and rounded edges and looks more like a regular skateboard than most other electric boards.

    Even though it's so thin, it fits all of its electronics, including the battery, inside the board itself. This is in contrast to many other e-boards where the battery protrudes from the bottom of the board. Keeping the electronic components inside the board helps to protect them from impact and weather and makes the sleek design of the board possible.

  2. Durable and Lightweight

    Because the board is made of carbon fiber instead of wood, it's lighter weight yet still more durable than many other boards. Its light weight makes it easy to transport, and its durability helps increase its life and helps it withstand rough use. These attributes also make the board easy to ride and keep your ride smooth. The remote also has a sturdy design to help it withstand any falls or drops.

  3. Handling and Capabilities

    Of course, the power and handling of this board are key parts of what makes it so impressive and enables it to be both fun and practical. The dual motors provide the most power of any board on the market. This exceptional power helps it to reach higher speeds than most other comparable boards are capable of. Its top speed of 22 mph is more than enough for most uses.

    Its power also enables it to conquer hills that other boards would struggle to make it up. The Halo Board 2 can even climb many hills without losing much speed, a useful feature whether you're using your board for transportation or just for fun.

    The board also offers exceptionally smooth handling. Its brushless motors are free-rolling, which improves the feel of the ride. With many other boards, you feel some resistance when you let go of the accelerator. This resistance also makes it difficult or impossible to kick-push the board if you want. With the Halo Board 2 though, this isn't a problem. The motors create very little rolling resistance, so your ride is smooth whether you're accelerating or just coasting. You can also push the board along manually if your battery dies, although this likely won't happen very often because of the battery's range. Whether you're using the motors or not, the Halo feels more like a traditional skateboard than many other e-boards without sacrificing any power and capabilities.

    Another advantage of the board's brushless motors is that they're extremely quiet. While many e-boards create a noticeable whirring sound, the Halo Board 2 is whisper-quiet. At low speeds, it's almost silent.

    On many electric skateboards, the battery is attached to the bottom of one end of the board, leaving one side with more weight than the other. With this board though, the battery is integrated into the board itself, so its weight is distributed throughout it. This means the board is more balanced, making the board easier to ride whether you're new to skating or a seasoned pro.

    Braking is, of course, another critical aspect of any electric skateboard. It helps you to control your ride and helps ensure your safety. The Halo Board 2's braking system is reliable and smooth. You can easily stop without worrying about being jolted around, and you can be sure that the board will stop when you need it to. Just pull back on the joystick of your digital remote.

  4. Controls

    The remote is another aspect of the Halo Board 2 that helps it to rise above its competition. The controller has a durable, easy to use design. It features a joystick for accelerating and braking and several buttons to switch between modes. It's small and is easy to fit in the palm of your hand as your ride, and it comes with a wrist strap to help ensure you don't drop it while you're riding.

    The remote's LCD screen is a unique feature that helps give you a little more certainty as you enjoy your ride. If you want to know how fast you're going or how much battery you have left so that you can plan your trip, you can just glance at the screen.

  5. Cost and Service

    You should also consider service when choosing an electric skateboard. With Halo, you get world-class support, and the Halo Board 2 comes with a six-month warranty. While you probably won't need the warranty, it's always nice to know you have it just in case.

    Buying an electric skateboard is an investment, but for the quality of the board, you won't find a better price than the Halo Board 2. For a high-quality option, it's the best inexpensive electric skateboard you can buy.


Critics and users alike have a lot of good things to say about the Halo Board 2. Numerous tech sites have named it one of their top picks for electric skateboards and given it high ratings and glowing reviews.

  1. Choose Wheels

    Choose Wheels named the Halo Board 2 the best electric skateboard of 2023 and gave it a rating of 9.5 out of 10. Here's what Choose Wheels had to say about the Halo Board 2:

    "The Halo Board carbon edition has taken the number 1 spot in a very competitive market for electric skateboards for good reason. The sleek design, decent price, and dependability of the craftsmanship are just three factors that go into making this board a worthwhile purchase. For those who want to make a good investment in an electric skateboard that will stand the test of time but is also powerful enough to make a commute shorter and sweeter, then the Halo Board is an excellent option."

  2. Digital Trends

    The popular website Digital Trends reviewed the board. Here's what they had to say about it in their article titled "Like a shark with a saddle, Halo Board is sleek, smooth, and insanely fun to ride":

    "It’s arguably one of the most advanced electronic longboards on the market right now, and boasts just about every bell and whistle you could hope for."

  3. Alt Riders

    Alt Riders has also written a glowing review of the board and gave it a score of nine out of 10. Here's what Alt Riders had to say:

    "It’s a good looking and very well built board. ... There are very few negatives that we could find with the Halo Board 2 and for that reason it’s one of our most favorite products we’ve reviewed on the whole site, not just in the skateboard category."

  4. Techaeris

    The tech site Techaeris also reviewed the Halo Board 2 and gave it a Techaeris Top Pick Award for 2017 as well as a rating of 9.8. According to Techaeris, it's "possibly the coolest electric skateboard out there."

  5. Actual Users

    Users have also written overwhelmingly positive reviews of the Halo Board 2. Eighty-seven percent of the 357 customers who wrote reviews on the Halo Board website gave it five stars.

    One customer, Corey, gave the board a five-star review and wrote that it is probably one of the coolest things he's ever purchased. "This board is a ton of fun," he writes. "I’ve been skateboarding for a long time and love how smooth this board is. It has unbelievable power even going uphill and the braking system is smooth and strong." He noted that his dog even likes to ride the board with him for miles at a time.

    Eric was another five-star reviewer. He wrote, "Worth every penny! Quality and design of the board is exceptional with performance to match. Couldn't be happier with this."

    Dorothy notes how tough the board is in her five-star review: "I ride my [Halo Board] daily about 14 miles, and have been doing so for about a month's time every day to get to work. It’s been through water, light rain, and some gnarly sidewalks. I absolutely love it."

Buy Online

If you want to feel the power of the Halo Board 2 yourself, all you have to do is place an order online. Buying your board through the Halo Board website is fast and convenient and can get you significant savings. You'll get free shipping, and your board will ship out same-day if you order by 7 p.m. Eastern time.

When your package arrives, included in the box you'll find your Halo Board 2, UL Charger, LCD Remote and T-tool. Then, you can just strap on your helmet and get riding.

The official Halo Board website is also a great place to learn more about the Halo Board 2, read more customer reviews, watch videos and more. You can also browse the other Halo products on the site and purchase accessories for your board.

Critics and customers agree — the Halo Board 2 is the best electric skateboard on the market. It's got powerful dual motors, a durable yet lightweight construction, an innovative LCD remote and a sleek design. Whatever you want to use your electric skateboard for, if you want the best, choose the Halo Board 2.