All-Terrain Hoverboard

The Halo Rover was designed bottom up as an All-Terrain Hoverboard.  Ride it through puddles, mud, dirt, grass, sand, gravel, snow, as well as streets and roads.  The first ever hoverboard with water resistant IPX4 certified design, this All-Terrain Hoverboard is all-weather capable.  Shock-Absorbent Rover Tires were specially created to allow you to take on rugged terrain and keep on rolling.  Aircraft grade alluminum Halo Guards were specifically designed to both protect this All-Terrain Hoverboard should it flip over and protect you from dirt and debris.

Rain or shine, the world is yours to ride. Say Halo to the Halo All Terrain Hoverboard, the Halo Rover. Best Reviews Online recently ranked Halo Rover as the #1 Hoverboard.