All-Terrain Halo

We here at Halo Board wanted to bring something new to the masses.  You've seen people riding hoverboards everywhere, stuck on sidewalks, flat surfaces, clean roads... We wanted to change what was once thought possible on a hoverboard.  Introducing Halo's All Terrain hoverboard, the Halo Rover.

We made it water resistant.  We built it rugged.  We made it safe.

It's not a hoverboard, it's an All-Terrain Hoverboard beast.  Using high grade aluminum and polycarbonate casing, the Halo Rover All Terrain Hoverboard is sealed against the elements.  Uniquely designed Shock Absorbent Rover Tires, dual 400W motors, and raised profile shape give it the clearance and strength to get over obstacles in its path.  UL2272 certification makes it so you never have to worry about safety issues.

The Official Halo All Terrain Hoverboard, the Halo Rover - the world is yours to ride.