Halo Board Gen 2 Remote - Ergonomic - Halo Board

Halo Board Gen 2 Remote - Ergonomic

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Only compatible with 2nd Gen Halo Board - New V3 Ergonomic Remote

Replacement 2nd Gen Remote for Halo Board.

If you've lost or damaged your Halo Board's remote, order your new one here.

Customer Reviews

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Jeff Gray
New remote control is awesome!

I lost my old remote and had to order a new one. To my pleasant surprise the new remote is way better than the first one! It feels just more solid and the accelerator knob is in a better position. Much better design!

Vinicius Magalhaes
Remote control

Great and very cool remote control for my board by Halo. A very good upgrade from the first one. Anatomically it is way better and feels stronger on the hand. I recommend

Ian Dypold
Updated remote with display

I absolutely love this updated remote and the details it displays. I have 3 different boards with different remotes and by far this is my favorite. The wrist strap is an awesome thing to have as well!

John Livezey
Halo board 2 Carbon Edition

Amazing board just as advertised! I LOVE this board. I just went out for a couple hours carving turns at our new local high school with fresh paved asphalt. It felt like snowboarding with a foot of new pow! It’s super fast when you want, or just mellow cruising. The braking system is like butter, so smooth! I did a ton of research prior to buying this board. I did purchase the newer remote, which is way better and worth the extra $100. I just turned 50, but feel like 15 riding this baby! I love my wife and kids, but this board is true love at first ride!

Ricardo Albarran
Amazing Remote

Got the new remote, it is very durable and nicely designed. Got the same very practical screen as the last one and it fits nicely in the hand. Highly recommend.

Michael Carter
Carter's Review

It's a really great remote and love the design of it. The original design was a little flawed by putting the controls on a joy stick that broke of. Not even by taking a tumble. It was broke of in the house while moving it from one room to another. So I love the new design with the dial control on the side and out of harms way. With that being said. Great job on redesigning it. I'll give it the 5 star rating. 🌟

Great Design!

Love the feel of the new design! Definitely alot better than V1.

Charles L'Espérance

Beaucoup mieux que l'original . Le bouton qui roule avec le pouce est bien positionné et ne dépasse pas du boîtier donc je ne le fracasserai pas comme la premiere version avec le bouton sur le dessus.
Super bon service. Pour le Canada appeler directement parce que l'option Canada n'est pas sur le site mais la livraison est possible et pas plus cher. Appeller William.

Andy Lejman
Improved Design

The new mechanical design feels good in the hand and I like the roller VS the previous joy stick. Would be nice to include instructions and not force web searches to figure out how to pair it with the board.
That said, the new remote says my speed now tops out at 21mph while the old remote was 23-24mph. The apparent speed reduction is a bit of a let down. Although I have not clocked/compared speed of the 2 remotes, I suspect 2-3mph difference is not just tolerance resolution and may be an effort to alleviate FET issues on the boards main circuit card. Side note, after my board was out of warranty and some of my FETS blew for the 2nd time, I replaced them all with higher voltage/improved components + new/improved controller chips & with no issues subsequently. Another side note: In an effort to increase the speed, in the new remote I raised the height of the hall effect sensor slightly to get it a bit closer to the magnet - output voltage increased a few tenths. While this did not unfortunately increase the speed, it did improve responsiveness a bit both with braking and acceleration. I did contact Halo regarding the speed reduction early on but did not receive a satisfactory answer - no solution or explanation. While I suspect this review may cause some consternation with the Halo team, I enjoy the ride and am generally still happy with the purchase (I've owned my board since Dec 2018).

Daniel Malley
Great remote

My first remote broke when I crashed so I needed a replacement. Fits perfectly in the hand but breaking is a little different than the remote it originally came with. Overall good remote.