UL Certified Charger
UL Certified Halo Board Electric Skateboard Charger - Halo Board

UL Certified Halo Beast Electric Skateboard Charger

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*Only compatible with Halo Beast bought after 2022. 

Safely and Reliably power your Halo Beast Electric Skateboard with our UL Certified Power Supply.

  • Power Supply Adapter with single socket connector
  • US style AC Plug

*Design may vary

Customer Reviews

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Most fun I've had on a skateboard...ever

Bought my halo board refurbished through a third party vendor and bout the extended mfg warranty. Board arrived extremely quickly. Props there. The wheels on the halo board are not the highest quality I have ever seen. Within the first 5 miles an extremely large chunk had come out of it (-1 star) and makes it challenging to ride now. Contacted HaloBoard to make a claim for warranty on the wheel and they promptly replaced it all the while educating me on their warranty practices (+1 star) and other questions I had. Cesar Avila was the person who helped me, I give him mad props for the back and forth correspondence - he did a fantastic job. Only thing I wish that Haloboard would do is look into the possibility of making alternative wheels that are pneumatic (air filled like a bike tire), the reason being is that the current wheels take a SEVERE beating here on the sidewalk of Phoenix. Every time the board crosses those straight perpendicular cracks that are in between the slabs (for whether purposes) it puts a jolt through the board - and consequentially your body - that is the most violent thing I have ever felt and as a result find myself riding in the street with traffic (which is actually where I need to be anyways due to the law stating that no motorized device other than a wheelchair may legally use the sidewalk) and Phoenix has some of the better sidewalks in the nation due our lack of rain and trees in front yards that break up the concrete. Pneumatic wheels would solve this and in the end add years of life to the board. This is an extremely expensive investment and I would caution anyone to think about this before buying one . Other than that this board is king of all others I have tried. I would recommend it for sure. (BTW - the lights are after market, put those on so drivers will see me better)

Sean O.
Great electric board

Super fun. Takes some getting used to the torque during acceleration and the strength of braking, so brace yourself and get ready. The only negative is the ease of accidentally going into reverse. I’ve almost lost it a few times as well as had the board go flying away out of my control. Engaging the reverse should be much more deliberate and not so easy to engage unintentionally. The ride is great and powers you up incline with confidence. Overall, really nicely put together in a very high tech appearance and sound construction. Performance is great and worth the investment.