In the City? Get A Halo Skateboard

Living in the city or on campus can be great, but at the same time it can be a hassle getting around. Sometimes you end up with limited to space, have to deal with bike thieves, and need to get places fast. Halo Board has created solution to your problem with the Halo Skateboard. We’re happy to introduce the next generation board, the Halo Board electric skateboard.

We focused on building only the best, and most efficient electric skateboard there could be. The Halo skateboard works well with today’s mix of transportation, from public transit to private vehicles. The Halo Board skateboard’s sleek design allows for less space to be taken up when storing, and is light enough to haul when in tight pinches. The Halo electric Skateboard can be easily carried on public transit with its universal handle and has a powerful battery to last you all day, with a range of up to 12 miles! Get from campus to your local coffee shop, from home to work, or from work to your favorite lunch spot. The Halo Board will do it all, and best part, you can easily avoid the traffic in major cities!

Our halo skateboard offers incredible performance and reliability at an incredible price. So, get your halo electric skateboard today by going to -

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