The Future of Electric Skateboards

The electric skateboard that turns heads everywhere it goes. With speed, precision, and balance, you can fly by with the sleek carbon fiber perfection of the Halo Board.

The Halo Board is here, and it is the future of skateboarding.

At first glance you may be taken aback by 100% carbon fiber frame, but once you step on… there’s no going back.  The ability to fly up and down streets at speeds up 22 mph for up to 12 miles without having to push off once… just think about that for a moment.  Imagine being able to carve and ride your skateboard, nonstop, for 12 miles.  The Halo Board will allow you to do just that.

This electric skateboard will change the what we come to expect of skateboards. The speed of a long board without having to constantly push. Not only will you get where you want in style and speed, you'll beat the traffic and save all that gas money

If you want to feel the rush, the experience, the absolute thrilling sensation of flying on our new Haloboard, don’t wait any longer—the future is here, go to and take it.

Still need more?  Check out our Instagram feed to see the newest posts from our haloboarders!  Join the revolution.  We’re changing the face of skateboarding one Halo Board at a time.


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