Worlds Leading Electric Skateboard - The Halo Board - Available June 20

Move over hoverboards, there’s a new ride in town.  The future of skateboards is here and it’s called the Halo Board electric skateboard.

Ever walked to the top of a hill to experience the rush of skateboarding down the streets?  Feeling the wind rush past your face and hair, your gut tightening, your legs going a little weak by the time you reached the bottom?  There was always a really big problem with that… you had to hike yourself and your skateboard all way back up to go again, and that rush always ended way too soon…

On June 20th, once the Halo Board is back in stock, that will never be a problem again.

This isn’t your ordinary electric skateboard, and it’s not some toy your grandma gets for Christmas to glide around your living room.  This is an experience.  This is the future.  This is the Halo Board.

Designed to be balance power and control, this electric skateboard will have you flying both down, and up, hills and streets at speeds up to 22 mph.  Don’t believe us?  Check us out on Facebook and Instagram to see videos from us and our customers!

And don’t forget to reserve your Halo Board today if you want it shipped out on July 20th! -

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