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Halo Board 2nd Gen Remote

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*Only compatible with Halo Board's that shipped with this remote originally*

Replacement 2nd Gen Remote for Halo Board.

If you've lost or damaged your Halo Board's remote, order your new one here.

Customer Reviews

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Remote is not durable

While the remote does fit in my hand exceptionally well it is not very sturdy. The button WILL pop off when you put it in your pocket OR take a tumble. I just lost mine this morning and the little black button was now where to be found on the ground. Now i have a green stem sticking out that is going to be a pain in my thumb. (no pun intended). Might try to 3d print a new one but it would have been nice if Halo Board had the design ready for down load vs me mocking one up in a 3d design tool. BTW, when I went down i basically tried to use my body to protect the controller so it would not break. Left arm looks like crap.


Great remote, awesome stable connection, the button for the acceleration/braking doesnt seem to be seated very well though, i lost mine when i dropped it and they dont sell replacements, the screen cover on mine popped off on my first crash, so its not glued very well.

Top notch remote

This remote is everything you didn’t know you needed. It’s so accurate and comfortable it’s ridiculous. I’m happy I chose this board with this remote over Boosted. Halos customer service is great and fast to reply to any inquiry. 10/10 would recommend. Also I get 12.8miles per charge no sag. Check out this company and give them all your money