Halo Flight Battery
Halo Drone Flight Battery - Halo Board

Halo Drone Flight Battery

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Halo Drone High Precision Flight Battery

Up to 22 minutes of flight time
Smart indicator features
6000 mAh

Customer Reviews

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More flying time

Finally received my extra batteries. Thank you Halo team for correcting the USPS problems. Both work great and I am really enjoying this drone.

Bad batteries and only post the 4 star reviews

I would give the drone 4 stars, but the batteries only 2 stars.. beware... purchased drone and 4 batteries in February. One battery dead already....won't even charge..

Defective Battery, Halo Won’t Stand Behind It

Halo used a lawyer trick to not stand behind their product.

My wife gave me a Halo Drone Pro for a present ($1500). I wasn’t ready to do a drown, so I left it in the box in the closet. I opened the box months later and thought let’s do this. The battery wouldn’t charge. I sent the email they requested with pictures. No response. Called and a nice guy apologized for the problem, said he’d send an RMA for the defective battery, and send a replacement at no charge. Later in the day, I received an email saying that since it was over 6 months, they wouldn’t replace it.

Did the delay of opening the present cause the battery to be no good? No. Fact is, they wouldn’t stand behind their defective product. Their solution: “go on our website, order and pay for a new battery” (the first one was defective); send them $117.

For $1500, you think they would stand behind their battery. Halo customer care stinks!

Good Purchase

Bought the extra battery, and it always comes in handy. I use one battery and my sons uses the next. Sometimes he uses both and shoots nice videos for a long time.

Perfect qulaity

Easy to switch em in and out. Delivered same time my drone came in. The extra batteries were a must since I enjoy flying for longer periods.