Halo Drone Quadcopter

The Halo Drone and the Halo Drone Pro are the new premiere quadcopters brought to market by the Halo Board team, and they are causing quite a stir in the drone market! Selling out during the first week of launch, both Halo Drone models come with automated flight options, interchangeable cameras, 3-axis gimbals, and a feature rich app.

The Halo Drone is a quadcopter with a 2.7k camera that shoots at 30 FPS. You will find no shortage of features as it comes with one of the best drone apps available to date. With Drone Waypoint Navigation, you can easily create automated flight paths for the Halo Drone to follow. With its easy to use remote control, and intelligent landing capabilities, you wont have to worry about flying this quadcopter in gusty winds or landing on less than ideal terrain.

The Halo Drone Pro is our best quadcopter of 2018 with a full UHD 4K 30 FPS camera. This quadcopter is also equipped with the same features as the Halo Drone, but has a few extras to really make it an advanced flyer. Ready to fly out of the box, the Halo Drone Pro come with a great carry case and a foldable design that allows it to be very portable compared to drones like the DJI Phantom. It also come with a wrist watch remote control for quick and easy access to flight controls, and a follow module for 7 Follow Me flight modes. This essentially turns the Halo Drone Pro into a selfie drone, while still being easy enough to use for first time flyers, and capable enough for professional drone flyers.