Cutting Edge to Launch Halo Board, One Wheel Electric Skateboard, Due for Release May 26

Los Angeles, California – May 14, 2016 – A Los Angeles-based tech firm is preparing to launch their latest one wheel electric skateboard called the Halo Board.

Cutting Edge is preparing to launch two models of the Halo Board on May 26. The Halo Board will be the first one wheel skateboard which adapts to riding behavior. The first model will be the Halo model, while the second is its more dynamic cousin, the Halo Extreme. Both boards are expected to provide simple-to-use transport solutions for customers, thanks to the deployment of V2 Halo Sensors. These sensors work as powerful movement detectors, responding to the actions of the rider and balancing the board.

To move forward, simply lean in that direction; to move back, just lean back. To turn left or right the rider needs simply to press down using their toes or heels and the innovative sensors will do the rest. As you might expect, the Extreme model provides an augmented level of fun for thrill-seeking riders, and is capable of higher speeds.

The learning curve for most electric skateboards is a pretty basic one; just practice riding the board and get used to it. However, the Halo Board flips this on its head. Instead, Halo Board is a smart piece of technology which learns from you, adjusting the experience it provides in response to your riding behavior. The idea is to create a bespoke solution for local transportation, tailored specifically to each user, without compromising on the fun factor.

This emphasis on fun is represented in the board’s integration with wireless Bluetooth technology, enabling pairing with mobile devices so that you can play your favorite music while you ride. As well as developing the fundamental technology of the board, the Halo Board team has been working away creating their Dual Halo Speakers which provide a level of audio quality befitting of such an innovative piece of kit.  More info can be found at

Those who got their hands on pre-orders of the Halo and Halo Extreme have been suitably impressed with the firm’s handiwork. “We’ve had it for three weeks now,” says tester Mark Richardson, “and I recommend this one wheel skateboard, trust me, you will not regret it.”

J Brooks, testing the Extreme model, had similarly high praise for the product. “This Halo board is absolutely amazing,” he said.

The board will receive a general release on May 26, and will start at $997.00.


Name: Arthur Andreasyan




Halo Board side view