Best Drone 2019

With multiple drone manufacturers and types of drones in our skies, it's important to note the key features that you need to look for when it comes to the best drones of 2019. The Halo Drone is a top tier flyer at an affordable price range while the Halo Drone Pro is packed with great flight features. So lets look at the Key Features you should look for when finding the Best Drone 2017.

  • Drone Camera
  • Easy to Fly Drones
  • Follow Modes and Selfie Drones
  • Size and Portability

Drone cameras should be at least 2.7K capable and preferably 4K ready right out of the box to be able to rank among the best drones this year. The Halo Drone comes with a 2.7K camera to keep its price affordable and competitive, but adds the extra bonus of having the camera be interchangeable, so you can select your own action camera to use with it, making it immensely future proof. The Halo Drone Pro also is future proofed with an interchangeable camera, but it comes with a pretty powerful 4K camera already.

Drones need to be easy to fly for first time flyers and beginner drone pilots. The Halo Drone Pro is ranked Best Drone 2019 because it was able to mix advanced options with an easy to use interface. Beginners can fly it in minutes while professionals can access advanced follow and flight navigation modes to get the perfect shot.

The Halo Drone won points and came in second place on some Best Drone lists due to being a foldable, compact drone at such an affordable price. It's important for 2017 Drones to be able to portable enough to be on you when you need it to get the perfect aerial flight footage.