Halo Flight Battery
Halo Drone Flight Battery - Halo Board

Halo Drone Flight Battery

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Halo Drone High Precision Flight Battery

Up to 22 minutes of flight time
Smart indicator features
6000 mAh

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More flying time

Finally received my extra batteries. Thank you Halo team for correcting the USPS problems. Both work great and I am really enjoying this drone.

My new Halo stealth drone

I love the drone Master the camera I had to figure that out all in the learning of the product batteries are a little spendy but it's an awesome flyer


I believe these got to be one of the Worst batteries I have ever owned for RC products. I have had a lot of them through the years from cars the airplanes to everything I had. These batteries once they lose their charge and there is no light on them they will not charge back up! I bought two extra ones from here and already one has totally died on me.

Defective Drone-Halo refuses to correct the issue.

I work for an AMAZING company that honors their employees by planning a massive Christmas party every year that literally takes the entire year to plan, arrange and purchase gifts. They spend thousands on expensive door prizes and I was the lucky (or so I thought) recipient of a Halo Drone. I was so overwhelmed with excitement to give this to my hardworking, loving husband because he’s been wanting one for such a long time. This year has been extremely difficult for us with unexpected deaths of 2 very close family members that we had to pay for, emergency surgeries for one of our children, a totaled vehicle, etc...
We were preparing for a very skimpy Christmas for our kids and nothing for each other. Then, yesterday at my company Christmas party I received this brand new, high tech drone. I couldn’t wait to get home and surprise him, he got home very late after working another 14 hour day but was so excited he couldn’t wait to put it together and test it out. He spent 4 hours trying to figure out why it won’t charge at all, the charger light doesn’t even indicate the battery is connected. The camera is a blank screen and also does nothing. This has definitely been a depressing day, as well as infuriating because Halo will not stand behind their product and offer to replace it because it’s over the 6 month time period. The guy I was emailing (because it’s not possible to get anyone on the phone) actually told me, “We cannot control when a purchase is received as a gift or opened and used“ BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY!!! They will gladly take your money but refuse to stand behind their products! Do your research and buy from a reputable company that offers a fair return policy and decent warranty for high dollar items like this.

Bad batteries and only post the 4 star reviews

I would give the drone 4 stars, but the batteries only 2 stars.. beware... purchased drone and 4 batteries in February. One battery dead already....won't even charge..