Self-Balancing Skateboard Doesn't Mean Easy

by Raffael Nahapeti June 07, 2016

Meet the tech of the Halo Board.  Along with the black-magic, voodoo, and alchemy bestowed upon these beastly boards, the Self-Balancing V2 Halo Sensors are the real magic here.  Able to recognize your riding behavior and adjust over time to give you a better ride on the one wheel skateboard, these sensors are proof we are living in the future.  But, be warned, all this tech doesn’t mean the board is easy to ride.  You gotta earn that right.

The Halo Board isn’t a toy, it isn’t a “pick-me-up-and-play-with-me” gadget you buy on a whim.  No, it’s a new experience all its own.  If you want to ride it, be prepared to take a few falls and spills because you need to learn to perfect it, just as you would learning to skateboard or snowboard.

This electric skateboard is a beast of it’s own kind.  Sure the feel might be similar to snowboarding or surfing once you get going, but the balance is VERY different.  You’re going to feel sore in muscles you didn’t really know you had, because you’ll be training your legs in a whole new way.  It will take hours, days, weeks to truly perfect your ability to ride, but when you do, be prepared for a new adventure.

Read any Halo Board review or look at any of our Instagram posts and you’ll see just how amazing it is.  Better yet, take the plunge and grab your own at and experience it yourself.

This is the future. This is Halo Board.

Raffael Nahapeti
Raffael Nahapeti