Building the Perfect Product - The Electric Skateboard of Tomorrow

by Raffael Nahapeti May 13, 2016

The innovative tech of tomorrow is here today.  As electric skateboards are becoming more commonplace, we wanted to create an experience of riding that people hadn’t ever felt before.  The speed and joy of boarding down a hill, the floating feeling of riding fresh pow, the precision of carving sharp corners effortlessly — We wanted it all.  All the time.  Anywhere.

Enter the Halo Board.  Using one wheel, the micro sensors on the Haloboard are able to precisely pick up even slight movements from your body instantaneously, giving you complete control over how fast you accelerate, stop, and heal and toe to carve the roads.  We wanted to bring the mountain to any road and any hill.  Why should you only speed down a hill when you can Haloboard up the hill as well?

For those of you who like to listen to music, we also included Halo bluetooth speakers to blast your tunes while you fly around town.  And when we say around town, we mean it.  Our Halo Board will get you around 10 miles of travel before it needs to be charged again.  And even then, it only takes 1 hour to fully charge, so you’ll never have too much down time.

Think you’ll be late if you have to wait an hour before you’re Haloboarding again?  Think again.  These boards are scary fast.  Even at the 12 mph top speed of the original Halo Board is no laughing matter and will take some getting used to.  And if you go with the Halo Board Extreme… you’ll definitely need pick up the skills to handle 16 mph without getting a little weak in the legs.


Are you ready to say Halo to the future?  Choose your board at .

Raffael Nahapeti
Raffael Nahapeti