Halo Drone Pro - Best Drone of 2023?

In this day and age, there are no shortage of drones or drone manufacturers, but what does it take to be ranked as the Best Drone of 2022? The Halo Drone and the Halo Drone Pro were both up for the challenge this year, but what are the most important features a drone should have in 2022?

Easy to Use, Easy to Fly Drones

Drones are quickly becoming a hot commodity and a new trending toy for teens and adults, but the best drones come with automated flight features and are easy and quick to fly right out of the box. Some manufacturers, such as DJI, complicate the initial startup with confusing hardware updates and registrations. Others require hours of patience and reading to understand the basics. The Halo Drone and Halo Drone Pro, however, distinguish themselves with their quick setup, auto take-off and auto-land capabilities, as well as their return to home features. This was a strong reason why many locations have listed the Halo Drone Pro as their top pick for best drone 2022.

Drone Camera Quality

One of the biggest problems in the drone industry right now is how quickly camera technology seems to keep upgrading. You could buy a drone that was just released 6 months ago, and then that company will announce a new drone with a much better camera at the same price range 2 months later. The problem is most drone camera's are permanently affixed and cannot be upgraded. The Halo Drone Pro, as well as its more affordable option, the Halo Drone, were designed to allow customers to keep relevant with current technology by adapted an interchangeable design. The Halo Drone Pro is compatible with the GoPro Hero 4 and Hero 5, as well as the Xiaomi Yi 4k and the all new 60 FPS 4K shooter, the Yi 4K+! Another huge plus that helped push the Halo Drones up for top pick as the best drone.

Portable Drones 2022

Portable drones are a new and important factor in what makes a quadcopter considered the best drone of 2022. Halo Board new this was a key feature and so we focused heavily on making the Halo Drone with a portable design, without sacrificing durability or flight stability. With its collapsible, foldable design, the Halo Drone is compact enough to be taken pretty much anywhere with ease!

With its already capable 4K camera, it's compact, foldable design, and its fantastic flight system, the Halo Drone Pro was ranked as the Best Drone of 2022 and we are greatly honored by that title. We will continue to push, with both our customer service, and technical service, to provide the best flight experience and quality our customers would be able to receive.

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